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I AM the luckiest man on earth.

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by bungtothehol, Aug 13, 2011.

  1. So I was talking to my good buddies friend about smoking and I asked him if he grows. He said he's got 2 plants right now that's clones of skunk. He said it's some dank ass stuff. I asked if he would sell to me and he said NO. I said why? He says I don't sell. I would be considered a drug dealer then, but I will GIVE you as much as you need!!!!!!!! (He knows I only smoke on weekends) I couldn't believe my ears.
  2. YeAH YOU ARE!!!
  3. You're not considered lucky till you actually receive some of this said plant
  4. don't be upset if he changes his mind..growing two "skunk" plants then just giving bud away for free sounds well....silly

  5. Why? If he knows what he's doing and he's got decent equipment he can probably pull a couple ounces every 45 days minimum, so giving the OP a couple of grams a week won't really hurt his stash. I know plenty of people who share that much with friends every week, and they BUY their weed. Us stoners are supposed to be generous people, remember? ;)
  6. I gave my opinion..I was being honest..I would agree that "some" people to do the have capability that your talking about...but also in reality more often then not I don't see people giving nugs away and thats me speaking from where I live and I suppose the individuals I know (who are all great people) never the less they just don't give it away..that just my opinion I'm not saying its not possible or anything like that obviously it happens :wave:
  7. Isn't a gift of weed the same in court as selling...
  8. 2 plants, as much as you want? doubt it...

    he'll probably give you an eighth when he harvests lol

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