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  1. And so the beat goes on. I am not of this earth or any other. I am organic material, nothing more. When I pass I will fall back into the soil.
  2. welcome to the board
  3. Straight people don't know what you're about.

    They put you down and shut you out.

    You gave to me a new belief.

    I love you sweet leaf, though you can't hear.

    (Well, I don't know if you're deaf, but that's how the song goes.)

    Welcome friend. What a great perspective on your existence.

    (Aero, what happened to the stinky suffix on your name?! :D)

  4. you should of known i wasnt going to keep that forever.
  5. some pretty interesting stuff on your website sweetleaf.. welcome anyways, enjoy your stay watch out for psycho gnomes.. they run wild here! huRaZaH!

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