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I am suffering from Backpain

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by darel, Oct 3, 2022.

  1. I am wondering which Marijuana strain is best for pain relieving? Any ideas?
  2. Coconut oil infused with CBD rubbed on the affected area works best for my back pains, although this normally comes with a nice rubdown from my wife.
    Look for high CBD strains to alleviate backpain. THC strains are to get high, or other complaints, although many others eat it to kill their pain; I don't.
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  3. Thanks very much for your recommendation, I will have to try asap
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  4. I agree with Trojan I use cbd\thc infused mct coconut oil also make a tincture then while I am waiting for them to kick in I vape some blue dream or tangie
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  5. Try something like a 1:1 or 2:1 cbd/thc
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  6. Here's my rub,
    Make sure to fully melt bees wax
    Don't let oils get over 110°
    If you'd like it less greasy,add more yarrow root.
    When all mixed well, put in fridge ,
    Use immersion blender to whip nice. Enjoy:thumbsup:

    2-cup fractured canna coconut oil.
    One third cup bee wax.
    1 cup aloe vera gel
    One teaspoon vitamin e oil
    2 tablespoons shea butter or cocoa butter
    1/8 cup yarrow root power
    Essential oil of choice

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  7. Or get 1:1 or 2:1 CBD to THC flower, decarboxylate it, and make some capsules!
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  8. After a couple surgeries, went from Percocet daily to cannabis. I have more than one source of neuropathic back pain. Probably important to note here that muscular back pain and nerve-based back pain are two completely different animals. Pulled muscles tend to fix themselves, nerve damage only gets worse.
    Had a rough day yesterday in fact. Body focused strains, which usually means Indica, with super high THC content are what works for me and many others. Knocked it right down. Still take 2-3 Percocet a year maybe.
    Tried many topicals, and make our own now with both CBD and THC. They can be great for muscular back pain, but don't even touch the neuropathic back pain at all for me.
    My take: CBD is nice and it helps a little, but when my world is on fire due to back pain, its THC or enjoy the pain.
    Edit:fat fingahs!
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  9. #9 BrassNwood, Oct 3, 2022
    Last edited: Oct 3, 2022
    CBD does zero for my pain. In fact it keeps the real pain killer (THC) from working at all. Mine takes massive doses of THC to quiet down. Right at the edge of being to high.

    Experimentation is best as we never know what compound works for this or that ailment. There is to much variance in the way it interacts with each individual.

    If you find high THC works for you then edibles are the way to go as eaten Cannabis is converted by your Liver from Delta-9-THC into the much stronger and longer lasting 11-Hydroxy-THC.

    Hallucinating Hash Capsules for Hemp Heads
    This makes about the best edible oil for pain control I've ever found and is what I've used for 10 years to stay pain free.

    3 rounds of Colon surgery left me with a belly full of scar tissue that feels like a hand in my guts trying to yank them out through my navel.

    This turns that off and keeps it off and basically gave me back my life. Sober anything can set the pain off and drop me to my knees screaming in agony. Sneezing can trigger it as can tying my shoelaces. Stoned on this stuff it just doesn't happen. A fair enough trade off in my book. I'd be a Codeine junkie without Cannabis as that is the only other drug to really ease the Agony.


    A Hash Capsule a day keep the Pain away. :)

    It's been an hour since I took one and it feels like the music is melting my brain. It can't really do that can it ??

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  10. BNW
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    I am making some topical cbd products
    Picked up some CBG flower that is suppose to work in concert with the CBD flower for anti inflammation
    Trying to settle on a recipe for the best absorption

    A note here
    After trying dozens of strains over the last year I have found high concentrations of thc offer the best pain blocking
    I'm focusing on the CBD/CBG for anti inflammation so I can work 8-10 hours a day several days a week
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  12. I have degenerative disc disease in my lower back - I find relieving the acute pain is better done via a topical then smoking....can't speak to edibles though as I'm mostly ignorant to them.
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  13. But he doesn't eat it
  14. Or you can try suppositories
    I got this last week for my son,
    Colitis and colon cancer.
    He's never gotten high from it and it targets the area great!

    1 gram rso
    6 tsp Shea butter
    Melt,mix and mould it.

    This is 2 oz white widow decarbed(50%thc/50% CBD).
    It'll make me 50 bullets.
    Best of luck!
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  15. I've had a severe spinal cord injury and failed back surgery over 20 years ago. I was then diagnosed with MS around 11 years ago. I get the best relief for neuropathic pain using NON-decarboxylated (THC-A) capsules. You do need fresh green bud. I find after 3-4 months in my curing jars I start to feel they are not working as well and I get a slight high from them. I do smoke weed. But, that only gets me high and does nothing for my pain. I've tried full spectrum CBD and find it does little to nothing for my specific pain. I've also made topical cremes. Zero relief with them for my conditions. I guess these things affect us all differently based upon our specific medical conditions. I'd suggest trying different methods of administering your medication and see what works best for you.
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  16. I better put a date on the thca caps I made for my wife, she can't handle THC, not even a little.o_O
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  17. She'll notice when she starts to feel it. I'd say around month 3. I keep my capsules in an opaque container in a cool dry place.
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