i am still the real tazz11!

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  1. 3/4 blind and 41 years old and i just started smokeing to day!i hope i can handle it!how do you smoke it! whats getting stoned like!i am a witch! dont ask!i have a few hiden tailens!i hope i can use them here!artistic ,audistic ,iq 107!and stoned!
  2. keep,keeping it real.
  3. i was just tell bud head by email its real hard for me to come here! the people are great but ots not home to me !my audtism is makeing me feel lost!i am leave!thanks i love you all!tazz11good luck!
  4. Hiya! You carmel eatin bastard!!!! I am so glad you jumped aboard. Sorry about the inability to get the tag you wanted but....as soon as I saw rainman on the board.....I knew it was you!! Yeah! There are so many people we know here, and the more I hang out here, the less I forget about Yahooka. I cant wait to see what your avatar will be. Surprise me????
    Okay. Peace and Love. Nate.
  5. What a coinkydink I too just started smokin,,can I use any kind of paper to roll a marijuana cigarette,or do I need a special kind,,this toilet paper tastes funny,burns real fast,which end do I light.It was real hard wrapping that bud of marijuana in paper,,should I crumble it like tobacco,,,,,will newspaper work better,,,,LMAO

    Hi tazz11.....
  6. Hey Tazz whats up? You are the only rainman no matter where you go! Hope you start feeling comfortable around here. This site works really well.

    Oh by the way how do people go about getting marijuanna? Do you pick it in poison ivy or what? The last i smoked give me a itchy rash.

    NdicaBud Why are you trying to light it? Just wondering why you would want to burn it up??

    This shit is just so crazy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. i am trying man!by the way i have never had a rash from poison ivy or poison oak or poison suemac or a few others i am immuned!why do you think i colloected rare poisons! its funny to watch other useing gloves when they see me picking it by hand they freak!i told you iam not the same,but ill try to mellow out some with out a rash! thanks for the email man it helped!tazz11 ,the rainman!
  8. No!! I'M the real tazz!!!

    No!!! I am!!!

    No. me!!!

    No way it's ME!!!

    Sorry, guys.......we-or I mean I frieked out there for a second!!! Hee, hee, hee!!

    Glad to see ya Tazz!!! I dig the shit out of it here and I'm sure you'll start feeling at home here, too!!

    About that, 'how ya smoke it' thing.....hell I never new ya was s'pose ta smoke it!!! I always jes boiled it up like ma greens!!! Accidently fed it to the yung un fer supper one nite....quietest nite we had around here in a long spell....
  9. if i try to enjoy my self here youll know it!i am tazz11!and i like med weeds and 151, pain killers lots of them!mikes hard lemonaid,thinking and last but not lest carmels!i am a wiseman!and i try to have fun with it as it can bring out the good in people!its good to see ya haveing fun!good luck tazz11
  10. welcome tazz11 :hello: (((rain man))) :hello: :D

    excuse me.... what is marijuana?
  11. its that bitchen shit in the bag man!can smoke the seeds man!tazz11 ps it good to see ya!
  12. i live within my world, its not illegal here in my mind ! i can not beleive your a citizen,you said one side or the other, that way is one side!not in the midist!it sounded good tho!tazz11 ps smile your youth is showing!
  13. i no i dont inhale weed and i havent had a cig in 9 years ,i get just as fucked up on weed as anyone i breath it out my nose! i need my lungs for breathing!

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