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I am starting a job at a bank

Discussion in 'General' started by DarkSoldat, Jul 25, 2011.

  1. Hey guys. I am starting a new job at a bank. It is a major bank based out of Kansas City, MO. I passed my initial pre employment drug test after a month of detoxing and not smoking. My concern is this: I read in my contract that they have the right to drug test whenever they want. Now I understand that a lot of companies say this for their own protection but I am still concerned.

    If anyone has experience working at a bank or knows someone who does....can you tell me what the deal is? Would most banks randomly drug test? Does there need to be a reason for them to test me? Will they test me every time I get promoted? Will I never be tested again after I get hired? Whats the deal?

    If anyone can please explain this to me or shed some light on it that would be great. I have exhausted every possible google search I can think of and have found nothing.

    Thanks in advanced. Happy Smoking!
  2. I think it would depend on the branch, My sister in law has worked at a bank for years and she still smokes on occasion. As long as your not fuckin up on the job you should be fine. Good LUck!!
  3. My friends who work in the loans department at various major banks like Citi, Chase, etc tell me they don't get randomly tested unless something happens in the workplace (accident, car accident, etc) or something that involves the insurance companies then you will be tested, otherwise they won't test you. Its risky obviously, never know what will happen so if I were you I would keep my smoking low to make sure you could pass on short notice if needed, but obviously do as you wish ;) :smoke:

    ps: did you get piss tested or more stringent?

  4. Yeah. Even though I'm a stoner I am still a very motivated worked. My plan is to of course never go to work high. Which is stupid if you work at a freaking bank. And mainly never talk about weed, engage in any conversation about weed and above all have no reason for anyone to even think I smoke weed. I pretty much plan to be a kick ass employee so they will never have a reason to fire me/give me another drug test.

    My MAIN worry is that when I was filling out the medical form for my drug test I read all the reasons they would give one and I saw a check box for "promotion" so now I'm afraid if I get some big promotion at work they will want to test me. But then again it was the form for the medical office....not the company.

  5. It was a urine test

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