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I am so mother f*cking high right now/

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by pbuilder, Nov 22, 2011.

  1. couldn't sleep and was surfing the forum and seeing nice ass marjuana buds and just couldn't resist the urge. So I grab a half gram quickly, grind it up and pack the fattest bowl I've ever smoked. Has me coughing my ass off and f*ck now I feel like I'm traveling in time. What the f*ck man, i honestly feel like their is a force pishing against me right now/
  2. Are you scared? Or what? In any case your title made me lol
  3. Word bro! Smoke that shit up, meh son pbuilder is soooo high right now! Enjoy that shit, blast some music n just go crazy.
  4. Blast some music watch some lights --go on a ride
  5. I like how you censored yourself every time you wrote 'fuck'. Very....polite of you

  6. Word i relized that too, made me laugh. just like how there's a vid on youtube called Just Dont give a F***(Uncencored) why cencor the fuck when the vid itself is uncencored haha.
  7. man i just smoked too and im really really high.

    listening to some music eating a peanut butter pretsil / goldfish bowl, and chilling on the net

    how could that not be awesome?
  8. haha sorry, used to other forums where the word is blocked and that's a way to by pass it.

    Anyways, back to being high, im f*cking high as fuck right now lol this whole message even from the begginning has taken me like 5 minutes to write lol f*ck man, not sure if I've ever been this high before, even the time I did hashish and couldn't stop coughing for like 20 minutes which got me so f*cking high i nearly greened out, my head in my lap just trying to sleep and tripping out so f*cking hard lol.

    edit: what the fuck! i still sensored it !@!@!@ what the fuck man I never realised how used to it I am lol now doing it feel weird.

    fuck mannnnn FUUCUCCKKK
  9. im so damn high right now
    i smoked out of an apple (green crack), with string as a flame, and earlier i stashed nutri grain bars so now im eating them. and now im in bed watching saving private ryan about to cry. got love man
  10. Time to pound the pud!
  11. does anyone else have trouble with time perception when they are super baked?

    or feeling their face? hahaha

  12. lol ive never gotten smoking out of apples, unless you had to?

    and why would you watch a movie like that high ?

    but if you like it lol, you should definitely watch restrepo, the whole documentary (ish thing) was shot like 1st person, feels like your there.

  13. dude what the f*ck i can't feel my face right now.
  14. Nice dude, you didn't sin now cause you censored the word f*ck...
  15. Watch some pron :eek:

  16. i cant either but its kinda cool hahaha. my vison is really fucked up right now too :cool:
  17. Throw on some visualizations and some deadmau5 or dreamscape and zone out
  18. Dude i just did the same thing with a fatass joint i rolled from papers from my visit to the 'dam. holy fuck. i can relate to this.

    this is awesome
  19. lol border line green'd out after making this thread yesterday lol. I was so f*cking high (lol I still naturally sensor the word fuck... weird man) that I started feeling sick and just had to close my computer and go to sleep. Was tripping balls while trying to fall asleep and had some weird ass dreams.

    duuudee lol.
  20. Sounds like a good time. I'm in school right now and my focus goes to shit after smoking, so i limit myself to 1-2 times per week :/ (keeps the high refreshing though, since i'm basically on a constant T-break)

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