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I am so high right now.

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by blakkflame, Dec 30, 2008.

  1. This post has only one purpose- to depect how stoned I am right now. Oh and some orange chicken from panda express left overs are wonderful!
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  2. lucky, wish I was high right now lol
  3. I will be so high in a couple of minutes. I'll report back lieutenant.
  4. roger that..

    no work today, means smoke all day...
  5. Either in a few hours, or later tonight, I'll be kickin' it with some ganja. =)
  6. About to go hit the holy bub. :smoking:
  7. +rep orange chicken from PE
  8. Yea I smoked a blunt with a buddy of mine, I love how stoned blunts get you. It was a gram and a half between two people, I barely remember posting that. We were smoking Werewolf, I don't know how true that is but it is some dank bud.
  9. I love threads like this, it reminds me how many fuckin people actually smoke weed.

    seriously, someone must be toking every second of the day.

  10. Hell if I could I would be too, work and living with the rents kinda gets in the way. Getting my own place as soon as my soon to be roommates get their shit together and actually start saving money. I've already got my bowl packed and ready for later tonight.
  11. I wish i could be high right now, but I have to go to work soon. after I'm off though it'll be good day token
  12. yea ill be your co-pilot for this evening..and im havin fried plantain, with grilled chicken breast pasta with 3 cheese sauce..yum yum yum yum yum delicioso!
  13. no YOU'RE a towel
  14. orange chicken!
  15. and whadyakno..alice in wonderland is on disney!! only your momma calls me daddy
  16. +rep for dora the explora reference hahaha

    BACKPACK BACKPACK!!:smoking:
  17. now you know i was definitely high lol :smoking:
  18. panda express, sweet. i love the egg rolls.
  19. Try the cream cheese rangoon shit, its awesome!
  20. Pre-game of the night- a nice j. :smoking:

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