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I am so high on Northern lights right now...

Discussion in 'General' started by SamWiseGhanja, Dec 22, 2012.

  1. This is my first thread... This took me nearly 30 minutes to figure out. 10 minutes of that was correcting Siri.
  2. use a computer like an actual human.
  3. Are you suggesting that I'm a robot... And besides I want my couch and my laptop is broken and my desktop is not in front of my couch
  4. are you is that what is you are is that suggest that you are suggesting is the thing that robot? well is that what is that what is is what that that what is you are what?
  5. also i liked you movie the hobit that came out

  6. Riveting story chap.
  7. yes man so how is do it for you the?
  8. I always wondered if Robots got high. I can imagine Bender smoking.
  9. why you guys being assholes to him,hes high and its his first thread. Good vibes yo.

    You'll find it out.
  10. Nice ,How much did you smoke?
  11. Thank you TheZool for the welcome. Snoop I smoked two giant bowls. I just recently started smoking after about two years. Found a nice solid job where I won't have to worry about a drug test for a while...
  12. I'm so high on Trainwreck right now :smoking: smoke on

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