i am so fCKing hjigh right now

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by The Lex, Feb 6, 2008.

  1. i literally had to stop smoking cause i couldn't work the lighter/drool was freezing and somehow managed jto go through/lock 2 doors in the dark.............lol, i just made those dots to the beat of my music

    fuck, i can't decide what i want to do....any suggestions:hello:
  2. write a letter to someone u like or love... u get the most inspiration when ur high and u use big words and surprisingly... u use them in context! lol
  3. I'm so high i just backed into a pole at the bottle'o =(
  4. im so not high. fuck you guys

  5. QFT, hopefully later though!
  6. I'm not high right now but I will be later :)
  7. dude, weren't you just starting like 30 day TB???
  8. another vote for not high. but i did smoke a couple bowls after work. and i plan on smoking a bowl before work tomorrow and maybe during lunch :D :hello:
  9. I'm fried boys.
  10. OMG! Im out!....:eek:
  11. haha last friday my friends and i smoked so much none of us could light the lighter! so we finally stopped. Needless to say when i got back home my mom knew instantly i was wrecked and just laughed.:smoking:
  12. eat
    sex movie
    4 things u need to do while high

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