I am so exited. I don't know to to do. I have to make this special. HELP!

Discussion in 'General' started by TokePuppy, Jan 7, 2011.

  1. A little bit of background info:

    I had never smoked weed in my life, I listened to Kid Cudi religiously in highschool and heard the song Muai Waui( not sure if spelled right to exited to checl)

    I didn't know what Muai Waui was I thought it was like a blow job or something in hawaii, so I google it and go woah, that looks buetiful

    I learn about marijuana the following month and decide to smoke for my first time, all thanks to the song Maui Waui.

    7 months later I call my dealer and ask for an 8th, he shows up I give him the cash, he gives me a Mc Ds cup and something different was in the air, when I got in my room before I even opened the cup I can smell the weed, I thought he just threw it in there, it smelled to strong to be in a bag.

    I open it and it is in a bag.. 2 bags!

    when I finally go it out a flora/fruity/dank smell smashed my face.

    It looked so beutiful and was a nice bright, with shiney green crystals you can lick off.... I can tell just by glance this was the strongest bud I have ever gotten.

    I text my boy asking what it is (he knows all the strains he gets cause he buys from a grower in bulk)

    and he responds "oh yea, its Muai Waui(sp?)"

    fucking JIZZ IN MY PANTS

    I can't believe it... I have to make this smoking experience special...

    Should I smoke to Muai Waui..or should I smoke it THEN listen to it... I have to make it special!

    Does anyone know if this is Sativa or Indica btw?

  2. Smoke and listen.

    Just tell us how the high feels. No way of us knowing exactly what kind of weed you have.
  3. Just smoke it, the more you worry about making it special the less it will be.
  4. <--- jealous.... congrats

  5. don't lick them off. and hopefully they're transparent white and not green....

    smoke it and see what happens. i wouldn't worry about making it too "special" for you. considering how special the plant already is, anything beyond that is just a bonus. :smoke:

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