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I am really high!

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by vtskater802, May 29, 2009.

  1. i am so high right now.....i smoked 1 nug from this dime that i bought out of my homemade waterbottle bong, and now im wicked baked. i only smoked a nug because my parents got home, and because i got baked to shit so I stopped. i think this shit is laced??!!!??
  2. What strain was it?
  3. No it wasn't.
  4. i have no clue.:smoke: sooooooooooooooooooooo high still
  5. Anyone else notice he replys back on 4:20? and I doubt it was laced...
  6. It wasn't laced, just good bud
  7. Good for you buddy.
  8. Awesome! I want you to hear a few songs. This is in the wrong forums section but I don't want to kill your high. Listen to these songs bud.

    bone thugs n harmony - weed song
    incubus - pardon me
    bob marley - stir it up
    pink floyd - wish you were here

    all of those songs are great while in your state of mind.
  9. I have had laced shit. If you smoke enough herb, you should know if it is laced or not. You are just very high, or were, which is a good thing. Laced weed will fuck you up so much more than just a regular weed high. If you didn't pass out, see crazy shit or vomit uncontrollably, you are probably good.

    Just ride the high. :smoke:
  10. Laced with what?
  11. Why does everyone seem to think its laced if its just good bud? I think anyone that said that where I live would just get laughed at. I promise your bud wasnt laced
  12. I had shit once that was laced with PCP.
  13. after you listen to this one (maybe even before :p) listen to welcome to the machine from the same album.
  14. im pretty baked right now too lol :smoke:
  15. It'd cost more for the dealers to lace the weed than they'd make off it. The dealers would be losing out if they laced it.

    It's been said before, but weed is only laced if you want it to be.

  16. not true, some times dealers can get hard drugs cheaper then the softer ones.

  17. The effort and cost for his dealer to lace it would not be worth it for him.

    Bottom line, OPs weed isn't laced, he is just baked out of his fucking mind :smoke:
  18. youve never been to idaho man, tweakers deal with all the shwag here and the tweakers that deal the shwag also happen to deal the meth and ussally make the said meth, they can get meth uber cheap dude

    the tweaks arecrazy, some make enuff they can ware a diffrent suit every freaking day and never ware a old one

  19. I'm just sayin' dude. I'm pretty sure the majority of the community would back me up in saying laced weed is extremely rare.
  20. you prob. just baked out your mind haha

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