I Am Proud To Present The First Ever Mobile Social Smoking Game Hit Or Quit Now Available For Ios And Android, Entirely Free

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  1. The past month I have been hard at work on a complete rewrite of my concept game Hit or Quit. The game was just a basic concept but it clearly had potential.
    I'm proud to announce the brand new Hit or Quit. Rewritten from the ground up this new version includes the top requested features and more! Now with 17 different spinner results including brand new Trick and Challenge hits, and 3 increasingly difficult stages. This game is unlike anything you have ever played before.
    The game is available for download on iOS and Android as of now FREE! 
    Apple has rejected Hit or Quit from the app store. After multiple failed attempts to get approved. I have decided to release Hit or Quit on my own as a pay what you want downloadable web app.
    You can download it here:
    Download For iOS
    This is my first mobile app, and unfortunately I have come across an obscure performance issue affecting android 4.1/4.2 devices. So as of now the game is **not available on Jelly Bean devices.**
    You can download Hit or Quit from the Google Play store here: 
    Download For Android
    Thank you please enjoy and share with your friends!
    Lastly, any feedback and suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

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    It says my device isnt compatible.. but it looks fun
    I have a galaxy S3 if that helps

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    Don't make an account if you plan to plug you apps or merch or any advertisement. If you want you stay and be a part of the community you are welcome but if you only come here to leave this then please, kindly fuck off. There are other tech, program and develop forums for this. Doing this for hits is petty and will not get you anywhere. Rethink your market plan.

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