I am only happy when high

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  1. Hi there,
    I don't really know how to place it, but I never enjoyed my life for the past years. I have friends, a nice home and just started a good job, though. But I never feel really "connected" to others or to myself. It's just like, my life is totally OK, but I am never happy. I started treating my chronic headache and migraine with weed and the first time I got high it was like it changed my world. It was the first time I felt truly happy in what seemed like a lifetime. But all of my friends are very conservative and don't like or want to try weed. It isn't legal for recreational use where I live, anyway. I don't want to be dependend on a drug to feel good, so I stopped consuming weed like two weeks ago. But I feel so damn bad right now. My doctor doesn't want to prescribe weed and the medical marijuana system here is really bad anyway. I don't know, maybe I'm depressed or whatever, but I feel like nothing can make me happy right now. Besides weed. I dream of just smoking with some friends and chill, but that won't happen in the near future. Do you think it is a good idea to just smoke weed alone until I (hopefully) get better one day? At the moment it feels like my happiness is only dependend on whether I can get high or not.
    Thanks for your help!
  2. I'm in the same boat man. Depression is a bitch I've never had any true life traumas through out my life but like you said I've never truly been happy. Smoking weed is the only thing that I will even consider for my depression and migraines. It is the healthiest medicine there is to offer, prescriptions do nothing but turn people into zombies.

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  3. all weed would do is temporarily mask the sadness then it comes back. isnt it better to kill your sadness forever then enjoy weed?
  4. Sounds to me like you are suffering from depression. It should not take weed to make you feel good. Personally, I would much rather use MJ than pharmaceuticals if it works. But we're not to the point yet where our illustrious government can be honest about MJ with the public. If they can't make big money from it, they're not going to support it and considering the huge lobby big pharma holds over our elected officials and supporting their re-election campaigns, it's not likely they're going to fess up to the truth anytime soon. MJ is much less harmful in mind mind, than anything created by man. It was put here by the creator and is a completely natural substance, so not really sure how those who determine risk could say otherwise. But then again, anytime gvt gets involved, they ruin it. So it's fine with me if it's never legalized in my state. I don't know how you stand in your spiritual life, but until you turn your life over to Jesus, you'll never know true happiness. Most people today are totally resistant to a spiritual relationship with God and that's such a shame....and an indicator of the pathetic job we Christians have done in spreading the good news of Jesus with the world. But if you want true happiness and real peace in your life, get in a one on one relationship with Christ. You'll never regret it. Prayers! TWW
  5. Your environment plays a significant role in how you perceive happiness. Having weed is a wonderful thing, yet running out inevitably occurs every time. This is a vicious cycle of ups and downs and is something all of us cannabis consumers must become used to in order to maintain a homeostatic balance of health and wealth. Treat yourself kindly and the universe will reverberate with good vibes. Cheers!
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  6. Hey man, I totally get how that is. Personally I have PTSD and I use it to loosen up some of the symptoms. I also felt that anger towards being dependent on a substance and the price tag that comes along with heavy use via buying a bag every two weeks. On the other hand as another bloke mentioned when it comes down to it if you have clinical depression (or depressive tendencies) and using marijuana helps the depression (or depressive tendencies) in a way that makes your life more productive and it gives you a state of mind where happiness is more accessible then I would opt to say using marijuana to help you is not only applicable and acceptable but I'd say recommended.
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  7. I've smoked alone since I started smoking 6 years ago. I enjoy smoking alone personally.

    And it is certainly better to use weed for depression than alcohol.
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  8. just smoke weed forever bro,, i dont see the issue

    lots of big weed just smonk it all
  9. get high from intentional laughter sessions, deep breathing (see Wim Hof breath), let go negative thoughts and focus inward. what you feel inside you see outside. it's an inside job.
  10. If it makes you happy, it can't be that bad. Depression is a bit like yard work - it will always be there, waiting, so putting it off to do something pleasant isn't that big of a deal.
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  11. Nah I'm the same man. And I needa quit ahahahah

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