I am now officially a weed scientist :D

Discussion in 'General' started by gr0wer, Dec 18, 2003.

  1. The other night I was sitting around after toking a bit and I was looking at my stash, looking at the crystals and stuff. Then I got the urge to look at it with a microscope! I ran into my basement and pulled out an old 10x-10x microscope I have, cleaned the lenses and threw some broken up buds on the glass. At first I was looking at it with a light on the bottom and the mirror directing the light through the bottom, this was ok for looking at the crystals around the sides but when I went to the bud it would all be black because the light couldn't get through. Then I decided to put the light on top and it was a whole other world in there. I was seriously just looking at forests of balloon shaped trichomes for a good half hour stoned, looking at the cell structure of the trichomes and at various points of maturity. One cool part was looking at the growth tip of a bud where the cells all started. I wish i could take some pics for you guys!

  2. shhh, thats the best way to get away with having a bong, if ppl find out that microscopes arnt real they'll find out they're our bongs! be more careful
  3. That sounds cool grOwer, I might have to pull out my old bong, er, microscope and have a look.
  4. Did you opt for the flux capacitor on that bad boy? :)
  5. (flux capacitor: mouhahahahaha)

    gee that remind me of the days i wanted to look at snow chrystal under my "my first microscope", and of course it melted so i never used the microscope again...
  6. I guess you like being a wise ass...
  7. Oh, gr0wer....you got me all excited!!! ;) All of that microscope talk and the mention of cell structure got me all hot and bothered...and I'm NOT being a wise ass. I love that groovy stuff. Thanks for sharing your experience!!!! :D

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