i am now drunk

Discussion in 'General' started by ox38776, Dec 11, 2003.

  1. this is my first time being drunkand id rather be high any day. but considering i have no weed it will have to do. anyone want to post about there first time being drunk?
  2. first time I was drank (first time I seriously decided to drink instead of having a couple) my friend decided it was his personal mission to get me drunk. He was throwing a party like he did on a regular basis where he charged per shot and for beer cups, but it was some girls 21st and she payed for everyone to drink free. (or her friends did or something) So my friend decided it was his personal mission to see me drunk. He just started handing me shots. With no chaser. He went something like...

    This is Hot Damn. It's easy to get you started
    Here's Jack
    Here's Barcadi O (which is fucking nasty)
    Here's vodka
    Here's another Barcadi O
    Here's 151

    all in about 10 or 15 minutes. There may have been more but that's all I remember anymore. I had to stop him after that because I knew it was going to hit me, but I didn't know how hard. I sat down and listened to the music while another friend tried to give me another shot of Bacardi O. I told him fuck that shit. About 45 minutes later I was pretty gone. We stayed maybe an hour and a half before our sober got bored because it was kind of a sausage party. It was our friends but it gets old w/o girls.
    So we go back and the other drunk person is telling our sober how great he is so I start having fun by telling him what a pos he is, just to balance it out a little. It was great fun at the time. Eventually I got back to my dorm and turned on the N64. I played video games for a while, but couldn't see the screen. My RA came in an laughed at me. I told him I couldn't see the screen, but I knew I was in 3rd place in the race. He laughed some more and left. I got tired and put a movie on my laptopl and made it so it went on the TV which is really hard when drunk. When I got it going, I was so proud that I went and puked then craweld in bed and passed out. It was a fun night.

    I need a beer.

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