I am Noticing Big changes in my life (Long post/rant/story)

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  1. haha you guys thought this was one of those 13 year old boy things right?

    Pro louge:
    Nah but seriously, My best friend for 5 years, is starting to become one of those people that annoy the shit out of me, like telling me how to spend my money, and shit like his my mom wtf? Ever since the 5 years, he never would say anything about me spending my money but all of a sudden just last month I told him I just bought a bong told him it was 300$ but it was really only 150$. and he was like "Wow, I think you really have a mental addiction problem" and ever since that day happened his been such a little bitch about me spending MY FUCKING MONEY I work for... Now doesn't even let me smoke joints in his car before it was fine I dont care about that though, its just the restriction he added on me all of a sudden. Sometimes when he sees me about to smoke he says shit like dang smoking again? not in the fun way the serious way...

    I live life by the moment, But I do think about my future and all the Critical shit in my life.

    Then few weeks after, we had a camp trip going god it was pretty crappy because my bestfriend and his group of friend (I only know them because of my bestfriend) Of all 7 of us only me and my cousin smoked, and friend didnt want to toke because aparently, he wants to "Enjoy nature with his own eyes" yea... I know....

    Fun part:

    Anyways after that camp trip I seriously wished for new set of friends, then days later My OLD homies from Middle school hit me up to kick it. I go out with just a gram or 2 and 2 joints because thats how I normally go out.

    As they came to pick me up in the car, I was just talking saying what sup, then my old friend Vex said so what movie you guys want to see? it was late at night, and we all said hell no, and I was like Lets go smoke some weed. Then everyone was like Sure I WAS LIKE HOLY SHIT!!!!

    So we drove to the lake and made a circle and smoked with the best view ever of stars and the water. We start talking about our school shit etc, then I ask them where they normally get there bud, and one of the guy says "My Sister" I thought he was joking at first but then he was like, "Yeah, she works at the dispensary sometimes with her lady friend" I was like so surprised because these were my Middle school nerdy ish type asian friends, and now every single one of them smoke weed so I now have my dream of a 5+ man Circle Smoke Session with the Chillest people ever!! All in all I wished for a smoking group of friends and I got it, it was craziest thing to realize.

    Dreams do come true if you wish.
  2. tell your friend to mind his own shit and haseo asdhaisdlf ghghgj smasloifd
  3. he just cares about you man

    bro love
  4. your friend sounds like hes turning out to be kind of a tool:(, if you don't like him then don't hang with him, specially if hes acting like your money is his. What you shouldn't do is totally break ties with him. I mean, you been chillin together for 5 years he can't be all that bad. Just hang out with him less and let him see you got other homies too. Just do some other stuff when your kickin it with him, ya know? (something not involving marijuana, I know it sounds lame but you don't ALWAYS have to be baked lol). My advise, don't end a 5 year friendship over weed, you'll most likely regret it. Also bro, the new kid on the block is usually gonna seem cool when you first meet him, but over time you'll start noticing things that you don't like about him too, ya know? So yea, i'm ranting too, cheers to life bro and hey if your ever in town I'm ALWAYS down to burn it :)
  5. I don't need another mom, I need a Friend.

    but for sure man, BROMANCE

  6. Nah these arent new kids, these are my middle school friends that I use to kick it with all the time, and we just totally broke away after high school and college started. Just reconnected with them. Yea I need more homies like you that just want to smoke, I mean I dont just smoke and thats it, I smoke and talk or smoke and do adventurest stuff its jsut I have never found a friend taht is into those kind of stuff almost everyone I meet don't like the fucking outdoors its like wtf, your in seattle. Once I learn to drive I will just go out and camp in the wild every now and then if i have a few days off.

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