I am not sure if I can save her sister.

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  1. I had some yellowing leaves on the bottom of my plants, so I side dressed it with some blood meal for nitrogen and watered it. The next day one of them were seriously droopy.

    Age: 2 months since germination
    Cycle: veg
    Temp: 77 to 79
    Humidity: 45 to 55
    Soil: compost, potting mix, perlite, coco, blood meal, bone meal

    The one that is drooping is smaller, so stunted before the yellowing and droop.

    Can she be saved?

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  2. you may correct her by potting up but this time ad 30% perlite to dilute the blood screwup, its very very high in (N)
    as you may note
    try here: Nutrient Burn

    good luck
  3. Thank you. I will try that.
  4. 2 months? do you have a light in that tent? you are way behind for 2 months and even if you dressed with bloodmeal the effects take weeks not overnight i think you soil ph is out of whack but seriously 2 months from seed you should be flowering mine are 2 months 1 week from germ today with proper lighting and grow medium

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  5. I use a full spectrum LED light. I was doing hydro before and wanted to try soil. I am definitely doing something wrong.

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