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i am not a new smoker, but i am a new roller and need help!

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by MitchG, May 26, 2009.

  1. Ok so i am trying to roll a joint using zig zagS. I just cant get the joint to roll correctly, it doesnt roll right. I need serious help. For some reason the J paper doesnt wrap around the weed in able for me to roll it. Help
  2. Anybody?
  3. go on youtube. a vid is worth a lot more then a bunch of words of advice.
  4. roll it up as best you can, however loose it may be, and pack it. 'tis what i do, takes a while and doesnt burn that great but it works
  5. Rolling joints never seemed hard to me at all im not sure why just kinda picked it up on my own. But ya what he said ^ Look on youtube. : )
  6. Buy some baccy (tobacco in a bag) and practice with that. This is what I did, and I managed to roll decent joints after a while.

    Practice is the only way that you'll ever get good at it. There aren't really any shortcuts to learning the art of rolling. (That I know of)

    There is the mechanical rolling machine which will do the job for you (Conical K.S. roller - Filling and Rolling Systems), but rolling would give you more satisfaction :)
  7. theres more than one paper in the bag, keep trying until you get it, just get the weed evened out, roll the paper over it and tuck it under the weed and use your fingers to even it out and roll with your thumbs until you have it pretty put together, lick the end and seal, light the joint
  8. you can try the dollar bill method. I find this the easiest for noobs. Take your weed and place it in the middle of a dollar bill. Then with the thumb and index finger on both hands work the dollar back and forth molding the weed into a tube like cylinder shape. Once you have worked it into a nice tube hold the tube in place with one hand and with your other insert the paper inside the dollar bill at the back of the cylender so as you roll your thumbs upward the paper will wrap around the tube you created. Insert the paper with both ends of the bill flush and as the paper wraps around the bud, the front of the bill thats facing you should get longer as the portion of the bill in the back gets shorter. As the joint approachs the strip of glue stop rolling and open both flaps of the dollar bill while still keeping a firm grip on the tube of weed with the paper now wraped around it awaiting to be sealed. Lick the stripping of glue pinch poth flaps of the dollar back togeather and continue rolling upwards with your thumbs like you were before. And you should have a decent joint rolled noobie style.
  9. Rolling joints is an artform.
    Takes practice too. My first time i bought these clear rolling papers and rolled 10 joints with some shwag. 10th joint was perfect. Just be patient and youll learn:smoking:

    good luck
  10. Its like when i try and tuck the weed it wont tuck....
  11. Im not sure what you mean "Tuck the weed in". They also have joint rolling machines that go for around 10 dollars and your local cigarette store.
  12. I think he's talking about the tuck and roll. It's a whole hell of a lot easier to roll a cone with a filter in the end to get the roll started. Take a piece of notecard paper or another zig zag, and fold it and roll it into a little filter to stick in the end of the j. Also, make sure your weed isn't all dried up and crumbly. It makes it a lot easier when you're able to pack the weed and have it actually stick together into the correct shape.

    My best advice is just to go to youtube, plenty of vids on there that'll show you how to roll whatever kind of j you want.
  13. I practiced with tea myself to get the basics down. I personally found youtube videos to be utterly useful. The trick that turned my joint rolling from loose pieces of shit to smokable joints that get respect was to watch one of my friends at it. Youtube might work for you if you manage to find a video that has a decent angle
  14. buy some tops or ez-wider papers, they are wider and easier to get to roll... thats what i used to roll with. and when youre ready to tuck it, lick your thumb/index on each hand then let them dry out to the point where they are just really grippy then get your tuck on and you should be good.
  15. Here's the method I use when I can't get it to work.

    Use a pencil/pen, and roll the Zig Zag around the pen. Then, when it's firmly wrapped around the pen, you lick the glue and make it stick. Then, once you do that, take the pencil out. You pinch one end of the joint, the end that you'll be smoking out of, and start to crumble the weed down into the joint. Pack it with the pencil. Then, when it's full, twist the end, insert your roach, and you have a joint.

    It's not perfect, and it takes a while, but it rolls a good joint.

    EDIT: And make sure you pack it tight, or it won't burn evenly.

  16. thats eggzachary what i do! and i use some EZ wides and a fat pen to make some monster joints :smoking:
  17. I will try to describe better. When I put the weed in the joint and rub it up and down to turn the weed in the joint into a cylinder shape I can't getpast the next part. I've seenmy bro just bring the joint down and the flap tucks under the weed and then he just rolls it up. But when I try and bring the joint down to tuck behind the weed to make the first cylinder shape it willnot go, the paper presses straight against itself and I feel like it should be easier.
  18. Put gronnd up pot in a dollar bill, roll it semi tight but not super hard, then roll the zigzag and your done.
  19. If you're really struggling, use a credit card or practice rolling with tobacco.

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