I am not a conspiracy theorist...

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    But the fact of the matter is, there's an elite class to society. These people may or may not have a good deal of control over "the swing of things." Though their power cannot be gauged, they definitely exist, and common sense tells me they are not to be trusted. The smartest man I know who believes nothing of conspiracy nonsense will tell you there's an elite. All I know is they will continue to wage wars and decrease the value of our humanity just to increase their monetary gain. This is no longer acceptable, nor was it ever. Can it be stopped? Can we change the course of history?

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    Of course we can but people are too scared to do something about it.
  3. Want it to stop?orginise a global revolution that will Shut down-burn down- take over all oil reserves globally, stop all imports and exports for about a fortnight(2weeks),, and get a elite group of hackers to pull every cent from every bank account, company, that will eventually crash the stock market,, --no money, no stocks to trade, no oil to keep the economy flowing will only be a matter of time until the world plunges into darkness, soon food will run out because farmers cant produce anything without running oil to harvest crops, mining will cease cause theres no oil to keep digging deeper, no cars are running- which in turn leads to no one going to work,etc.. unlessssss they turn to an alternate source of energy , instead of buying out and destroying anyhope of it, that will end our 'oil age' and bring us forth into a new era of technology- consciously evolving as a species...but hey thats what they say their great plan is untill you tie together intergalatic travel by beings who want to use us in their food chain.

    These elite few are the biggest junkies, those of you who seen wolf of wall street, would know and see cocaine a drug but money to buy that drug and continue that habit is 100 times more important. they just can happen to hold their shit together that well, theyv manipulated pretty much the whole world into falling for their 'almighty' plan- total domination.

    To tell you the truth nobody knows shit, the theroies about aliens and n all that other shit are made up to keep us from getting closer to the closest thing we have to.. The truth, truth about our real past, about what our universal status is, why there is a big debate about god vs the devil and what sparked it...

    Those that doubt any existance of higher heirachy go jump off a cliff. you have no opinion here..
  4. Dude...that's nothing compared to this....

  5. I'm not going to work to change anything that I won't live long enough to see.
  6. Who's to say you won't live on ? :) Just my .02.
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