I am no one

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by DoctorDizzy, Jul 24, 2002.

  1. I am no one. Nothing is permanent, not even for a second. Every moment of our lives we are a different person, doing different things and believing different things. Claiming to be someone seems impossible if there is no way to hold on to that person, in the next instant, you are someone else.
  2. hehe, I meant to post this under the "who are you?" thread
  3. Welcome to the city of grass. I hope you enjoy our great community!

    I moved this thread for you.
  4. Attn: Dr. Dizzy

    I want to officially welcome you to the city and to say that although I haven't responded to all of your post, I have read some of them and your mind is ripe!!!!

    We love cool minds around here. Of course, we all lose them quite often in the madness of the City but we eventually find them-well, most of us do. The jury is out on Bud Head's!!!

    Anyway, have fun and I'll smoke a big ass bowl for ya!!!!!!!!!
  5. thankyou dr dizzy you have really cheered me up...
  6. yumm..ripe minds!...welcome

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