i am no longer a stoner

Discussion in 'General' started by negligent, Jun 1, 2006.

  1. i've been clean for a grand total of 3 hours, n i've decided, it would not be wise of me to attempt smoking weed for awhile due to my current circumstances, so i'm stickin to 40's and crack from here on out (of the court of law)

    wish me luck

    hahaha ridiculous.... i know
  2. that sucks, hopefully you can return to the ganj soon
  3. When you say crack do you mean real rocks or coke? It's not me I know the difference but usually people call coke crack. What is the high of crack like i've tried coke and im on a mission to try every drugs so that means I will smoke crack sometime.
  4. You really smoke crack?
  5. its neg, yes he does
  6. There is more than a few people around here that have or still do smoke crack.
  7. Yea that sucks hopefully u can go back to it soon. and how did it go with that whole attack on ur dad that u wrote about in the other post.
  8. im with ya there i am currently in tha same boat man it sux but 40's and crack sound good enough to forget i wanna smoke weed right lmfao
  9. I think you are the ony retard here. He clearly said that he had to stop smoking weed for some reason. of course he has smoked weed hes negligent and is one of the most respected blades around so if i were you i would shut the fuck up and take ur negitivity somewhere else.
  10. You'd better be back, got it?
  11. ohh man that sucks neg. Well at least you got crack. I guess at least you will get a long tolerance break.:smoking: I'll smoke one for ya
  12. Just look at it this way.....once you get back into it again, you will save money cause it wont take you as much to get high.;)
  13. haha hell yea i smoke rock, n i fuckin love it to boot!!

    i wont be smokin to much hard though, i figure what i'll do is be a weekend user, i'll pound like 1/4 of the 40 n smoke my hard, since i dont really buy more than like 20-30 at a time (and it goes fast haha, like 15 minutes fast) and by the time i come down off the hard n i'm all like "man i wish i had more hard" i'll be started to get mellow from the 8.5% camo 40 i will ahve drunken, n all will be good, i found out that cns depressants are a hella good cure for crack anxiety, used ether last time so i'd imagine alcohol would work just as well

    my first mission, get some new chore for the pipe, cuz mine is fuckin kicked haha, it aint like a screen where u burn it n it clears up, it jus gets worse the more that flame hits it, and those fiendin bare ass chore hits tryin to get resin hits dont help

    oh yea n i never did whoop my dads ass, haha it was just a concept in my head
  14. Sucks to hear that homie.

    You'll be glad when all this blows over fer sure.
  15. neg,
    you said the reason your in trouble is because your detox stuff didn't work and you failed your drug test.
    why don't you just buy a wizzinator w/synthetic urine and then you won't have to worry about detoxing
  16. hey neg,
    depressants do work 4 tha come done especially stuff like xanax but dont take xanax cuz it stays in ya system like weed

  17. trust me, i know these things haha

    and for the dude who asked y dont i just buy a wizzinator, its cuz the tests i get for probation they A) stand in the bathroom with you to make sure you dont pull out no shit like that and B) they also monitor the initial temperature of the piss

    also i still aint got a job so i'm broke as fuck so even if i wanted to buy one i couldnt, it'll be cheaper jus to quit smokin bud

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