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Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by Warlock, Apr 16, 2006.

  1. Hello.
    I've just joined this place. I've been smoking the herb for quite a while now, but only over the past year or so have I heavily got into it.
    Recently my tolerance has built up, hopefully I can find a solution to that here, by maybe discovering new stronger breeds, who knows?

    Anyway, I'm Male, 21 & live in Leeds, UK, but am soon moving to Brisbane, Australia.

    Hope to spend many hours getting to know the regulars & talk about the sweetest herb on Earth :)

    Thanks for reading.
  2. Hey Warlock, welcome to gc! Your best bet is to take a break from smoking for a week or so, and your tolerance level will drop. I know my tolerance drops like a rock as soon as I stop smoking, after 3 or four days I'm getting high is a kite again, but it depends on the person how long of a break is needed.
  3. Ah yes, but the thing is if I don't have any weed then I can't sleep at night, I get irritated & life just seems dull & boring.
    Well, I guess I'll have the chance to cut down for a bit on my way to Brisbane, it's not like I'm stupid enough to smuggle weed through Singapore lol.
  4. yea, I know what you mean, but its one of those tradeoffs for getting baked off your ass when you start smoking again haha. Might want to be careful smuggling..Some countries are extremely harsh in their possession policies.
  5. Singapore often executes people for drug smuggling.
    I'm not even gonna try it.
    I have been thinking about sticking a bit in a bag inside a jar of vegemite & mailing it to a different name (not in Singapore), but right address. Could work, & if it doesn't they can't bust me as it didn't have my name on.

    *No officer, my name isn't Herman Von German* hehehe.

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