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  1. n today i dropped my stash all over my carpet n could only recover like 1/3 of wat i originally had
  2. :bongin:sup doggie fresh homie g slice .

    lol jokin, sup bro.

    dude that sucks. top 3 worst things ever bout smoking weed is dropping it.

    especially on carpet. especially grinded.

    her only 1/3 including some carpet hairs:( sucks lol

    its only one stash though SO smoke on ma brother.


    the emotions are pretty cool here:laughing: :ey:

  3. Ouch... that is the worst! Where you located at bro?
  4. im in Illinois managed to get another bowl pak outa the carpet after i picked out all the fuzzz
  5. Ouch. I have a hard wood floor :D

    Thank god, I've dropped an entire grinder before on it. It rolled under my desk THEN opened up.

    Glad you were able to recover your stuff. And who knows what nastiness the fuzzies from the rug might contain.
  6. i have lost some to the carpet monster myself LOL
  7. Lol dont want to be smoking carpet fuzz. And thats cool. Never been to Illinois. How you like it? What you like to do?
  8. It's nothing special. i live in the middle of nowhere so there's not a whole lot to do really
  9. That sucks... I've never really lived anywhere but suburbs... so I have no idea what that is like.
  10. Thats actually one of the reasons i bought hardwood floor.
  11. Y'all have no idea, a brotha be livin in the woods. Try separating buds and foliage 24/7.:(
  12. Lol wow... in the woods eh? Use a rock or some shit?
  13. I have done that before and there is a quick way to get your weed back. stretch a piece of pantyhose over the hose on you vacuum cleaner. suck up the weed and it will be in the pantyhose along with everything else you suck up.. :p
  14. That is fucking brilliant!!! Must try it...

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