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Discussion in 'General' started by Adam G, Aug 2, 2002.

  1. So hey.

    I've been here a few times and like you people but never said anything. I hang out at message boards all work day long so if you carry on to be the nice people you seem to be; you'll be graced with my presence more and more. Aren't you the lucky ones? :D



    I'm Adam :rolleyes: and I live in Sheffield, UK btw...
  2. sow your new cool hayevery one i have talked to in hear sow far is prity cool im frome the usa dont real now wear the uk is but hope you have fun and enjoy your viset peace holler back if you wont
  3. how many post do you have to get until you can change your caption under your name. Junior member is not too cool :D

    Hey casper!
  4. y'ave to post a lot bfore you can change your status
  5. You can change your caption any time I believe by going to the options..otherwise I think its 100 posts= member and something around 3 or 4 hundred is senior member..not positive though.

    casper...take a geography lesson my friend!..you honestly dont know where the UK is?

  6. I've used vBulletin boards before and they are set. I haven't got the option yet - I think this is my 11th post. I see some around 20+ have changed it. Maybe it's 20 :confused:

  7. you can't go to Edit Profile at the top of the board?
  8. yes but the "custom user text" or whatever it's called here is not there yet. All other options are though. I'll keep checking, no biggie!
  9. okay what can i say im a stoner i was all was highe in geogery and spelling class the only class i wasnt high in was botney that wear i leard how to grow lol peace have fun every one and keep it safe
  10. I think it's 30 messages, but I'm not sure.
    Welcome to the city! We hope to be blessed by your presence frequently on the board. Don't worry you won't be a JR member for long! maybe if you're cool like me you can be a super dork too :D j/k

    You get to message board all day long?! *jealous* man I need to get a job like that!

  11. casper you should take a little more time out when you post, i can't understand half of what you said. You right you can't spell worth shit.

  12. Thanks for the welcome (all of you).

    I'm a complaints handler for cable television, telephone and internet company. I've been here six years, I'm always in shit so losing this job for using the internet too much wouldn't bother me because we are going under anyway. :D

    The manager is away today. I'm doing my college assignments instead.
  13. hey, psst. you're a member now! you can change your little saying under your name :)
    and good morning!

  14. ha, I just tried and it's not letting me...
  15. oh, and it's after noon here. nearly 4.30pm

    I get to go home in an hour!

  16. what?! where do you live?

    and.... why isn't it letting you change, it says you're a member now???


    well happy rest-of-the-day-off!

  17. a little island off Europe called United Kingdom or UK for short...
  18. hi whats up and all that good stuff

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