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  1. hello all...i am new here. i have been studying "growing" for a long time now. I will have an 8x8 grow area space in an enclosed room with a little bit more space on the sides for equipment. I have made some illustartions that i will attach to this thread. I wasnt sure on using 1000 watters, or 600's, and have decided on 600's thanks to the feedback in forums. Thank you very much! I would like to use the bio-bucket system, and have the plants on the floor in the enclosed room. please take a look at my pics that i made, and give me some feed back. which would be best for me? thank you!!!

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  2. Only you can answer that, but I'd go with the first one using 5 gal. pots.

    Don't forget, you have to be able to get to them all from time to time, so design the room for a comfortable gardening experience. Or as comfortable as you can. lol
  3. wouldnnt i be waisting light if all 4 were seperated a little like the first illustration?
  4. Absolutely not. You need the spaces because eventually they'll be full of branches covered with fat buds.;)
  5. awesome feedaback...this is ju8st what i need man..thank you..be honest with me...am i headed in the right direction?...or should i be focused on a whole nother way?...lol..i want to do this right with great yields..the cash is no issue here...i plan on spendin anywhere from 2-4 thousand to get this right...please give me some info from there man...thank you again...
  6. Look up stadium/vertical grows for good yield in compact space, but you're looking at way too many plants (IMO) for your first time out. I'd start off with no more than 3 from seed or 1 from clone and if your plant(s) are happy, then think about expanding. If you try to get that much going at once on your first time out, it's going to be a big disappointment. Get one 600Wer and figure out what it takes to cool, and run through a grow, and then figure out tables and layouts and how to maximize the space.

    Good luck!
  7. 8x8 is plenty of space.

    Stick with your plan. Get all of your equipment and get the room outfitted correctly, and then plant some good genetics.
    Reeferman, Subcool, Serious, etc.

    Feel free to PM me if you need help.
  8. for a first grow i would do soil its a lot easyer and can still preduce good yeald depending on strain
  9. great feedback...thank you all...how about this...i start with the 1 light, and get clones from that plant, and then do the 4 light grow?..by then, i will have a little "know how" on what its going to be like.
  10. That's a good plan. Start off small, because with a small environment you'll learn what works best for your style in the space, and you can save the big spend for your second grow when you'll have a better idea of what you want to do in the space. For example, if you want to do a perpetual harvest, you are going to want to use some of the space for things other than flowering. You'll need propagation and veg areas, too, so spending all the money to put up a system like that is premature when you're not even sure if that's the best approach for your style.
  11. Another thought occurred to me. With your goals in mind, you might want to look at a light mover after you've got a grow under your belt. If you're so inclined, I think it will probably give better results and use the space more efficiently than a flat grow in 4 segments like that. It would allow all of the lights to help all of the plants. You've got a lot of space to play with, so there are tons of different ways to do it!
  12. Not true today, I'm doing a Hydro first gro with no problem.

    My Suggestion is Picture #1 Then start off small, and only do 1/4 of the set up, next round add the other 1/4, and so on.... So you Grow, as you grow...LOL

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