I am new here...and yes I was a cop

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  1. Long time listener, first time caller.

    Little about me, I am a former cop of 15 years. I served federal hospital police, city police patrol, deputy sheriff, sergeant of patrol, NARC task force where I ended my final career.

    While on patrol one afternoon, I was hit by drunk texan and which placed me in the hospital for 3 months.

    Five years later I was going to a theft in progress. I wasnt even in patrol, I was in my narc car, no vest, just gun and badge. But I was close so I responded. I arrived was shot in my stomach. It never hit my spine but screwed up my back and sharp pains.

    That forced me to take prescription drugs paid for by the sheriffs department. I needed pain meds, something to sleep, something to wake up. For six months I didnt know if I was coming or going.

    Long story short I was drug tested for work on suspicion of meth and pot. LOL I never tried in my life, go ahead. Well, the adderoll showed meth, which later the doctors showed it was not. haha, thank God cause I never touch that. I seen too many friends, cops, family get into that and it sucks their souls.

    But I now was jobless, because of the coming into work impaired. Which I was settled out for half a year salary. A Joke! But I have no insurance, no money, and all because of work injuries and work. So I learned more about pot. And I never will take a pain pill for my back again. I could smoked this on the force and be a damn good cop. lol why is it illegal.

    So joking aside, hate me , hunt me, but yes I arrested many many smokers for little weed to lots. Hundreds of pounds on regular basis while I worked the task force. But I am said to say, I was brainwashed by the government and this marijuana the past few months has changed my life. I regret putting good hard working people trying to heal, or feel normal balanced without pills, and government drugs.

    Thanks, and sorry if I dont make sense. I smoked a bowl, watched some cop videos of mine, and joined the group finally.

    I was thinking here in few months if I get a good friend list, or fan base, I will do youtube PoliceToker. Tell cop stories, answer questions, and smoke with everyone.
  2. Welcome! I always like to hear ex-cops that have started smoking weed :D Sounds unreal when it comes from a cop.
  3. Now you need to team up and be a promoter with some legalization campaigns. If the word of an ex narc officer isn't good enough then shit our government is just plain retarded.
  4. The thought came into my mind as well! :smoking:

    Glad to have ya, looking forward to the many stories that are sure to follow.
  5. I enjoyed your story :) good to hear you enjoy the natural herb
  6. Welcome to the city man! There are a couple ex-police here also. Even though you felt the need to arrest us innocent pot smokers..
  7. Welcome to the city.
  8. Policetoker haha that's raw
  9. Welcome to the City. Please take the time to read the Grasscity guidelines (found in the stickies of most forums). Here are the links to our other former men in blue and a little history link on why we are called Blades. :smoke:



    Note the date:


    Bonus read:
  10. I'm new here i'm 20 and have been smoking cro for about 4 years now ( weed ) we call it cro in the uk lol
  11. Thanks guys. I liked the posts.
  12. inb4
    tedwiggins turf war
  13. He is legit. I read his stuff. I like work along with him on answering questions.
  14. Welcome to the city! Thank you for your service and protecting the citizen in where you lived. It is greatly appreciated. With that said...I would love to smoke some dubs with an x cop!!! Awesome!!
  15. This is absolutely awesome, definitely gonna give you a warm welcome!

    I would love to listen to a bunch of cop stories, my buddy once told me that he somehow knew a cop who fucked a lot of bitches so they could get out of trouble or something.

    Look forward to lots of stories!:wave:
  16. Fuck the police!
    Just kidding, my uncle is a cop and I'm pretty sure he trips all the time.
    And does NARC mean specifically for drugs? Or just undercover?
  17. Welcome!! Cops are awesome even if they arrest for cannibis..theyre just doing their job, but one day we all will be able to settle down with a cop and smoke in peace!

    In public, I like to hold my pax up high in the air and scream "i have the powerr!!!"
  18. You were injured on the job, and as a result of that injury you were put on medications that effected your work. You settled for half a year's pay? With no medical? Have you seen an attorney? That shouldn't have to happen to anyone.

    Welcome. I hope you enjoy your stay.
  19. lol well ya you get a lot of undeserved hot pussy. I fucked chicks from 30 days out of high school to hot moms. Chicks love to fuck a cop. But if I wasn't a cop lol I never could fuck any of that tail. On a cruise one year I had scars from my injuries and I fucked 7 chicks 2 in one night. All on spring break top 10 models alike....Sunday was a day of rest.

  20. I kinda wanna be a cop now.. :laughing:

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