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  1. After spiraling straight to rock bottom of year-long porno addiction, it is time for drastic measures. I quit cold turkey last week to see how long i could go. Im losing my fucking mind. what does a naked chick look like again...? I remember nipples....

    And yet, I am still master of my domain.
  2. Get a new hobby and learn something. Try wilderness survival, that's some useful knowledge. Snare a rabbit, go fishing, build something. Make a new friend. :cool:

    Masters of the domain make their own outcomes. set a goal and kick ass.

    happy trails.
  3. Eh just go do it

    Just dont look at AS MUCH porn. ;)
  4. kmk said it best "think for yourself and blaze your own trails"(or something like that)
  5. lol, see how were all giving the same advice as we would for someone taking a tolerance break.

    haha see, addictions are addictions. Habit, vice, whatever you call it..they all the same.
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    yup, and everyone has them to doctors, lawyers, presidents, bums, everyone has addictions. Whether it be porn, crack, weed, coffee, cheating on your wife, from small to large.

    This thread reminds me, I'm quittin porn. I've already kinda drifted away from it but still watch it from time to time. Fuck it, For good with the exception of reading(only reading no buying) maxim and fhm occasionally. I'm sure females(the ones im after ;)) will find it more attractive to. Just to make it clear, I'm not quitting because of any moral objection to it. I'm quitting because I dont like how it makes me view women(if that makes sense), also I just feel dirty when I watch porn.
  7. AHAHA porn addiction. THat shit made my day. Bro.. even girls look at porn who cares.

  8. ugh, for a fling sure, look at porn with her but I just dont find that a female trait I find attractive for serious relationships. women arent visually stimulated by porn so if they watch it its because they want to be accepted by there guy friends/boyfriend or they really are diggin the porn in which case I'd have to say not good enough for me. I like my women with some class, and self respect.
  9. DAMN IT!
    I was on a T-Break for porn, now I'm urging for some more!
    Rofl, noooo!
  10. Why would women watch porn if it didn't turn them on?
  11. You completely missed my point. forget it. tons of women like porn okay? you happy? I'm just not into it....
  12. Just get more tang.
  13. yeah, all women love sex. Its just unlike us guys they need a reason to do it. be that reason predator, be that reason. Start reading romance novels to better understand the female Psych.

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