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  1. So I was caught in a most unfortunate circumstance that I'm sure every blade has experienced. About to light up that bowl when you realize...shit my lighter is dead. Now for some that's all good, they can always use a stove, or find matches in a junk drawer.

    But what about us poor bastards in dorm rooms? Or the ones who have electric stoves, and all the gas stations and supermarkets are closed? Well tonight I put that situation to the test. My lighter died and it's 1:30 am in college dorm building.

    I'm shit out of luck, right? Wrong. I realize I still have zippo fluid from when I still had a zippo...before I lost it :(. A brilliant Idea strikes me-

    -Why don't I roll up paper very tight into match sized rolls, dip the ends in lighter fluid, and use the spark from the flint on my dead lighter to light it?! I did it, and wouldn't you know it fucking worked. I got to smoke my bowl and now I'm just chilling out after a long day of studying.:hello:


    Lighter died, so I MacGyver'd some matches out of paper and lighter fluid, then lit them with the fint of my dead lighter.

    Problem solving :smoke:
  2. your in a dorm just ask someone lol
  3. I'm a girl living in a single dorm room on a corridor. It's not a very open environment in my hall. None of the girls know each other or speak to one another, and our doors are always shut.

    Though I had a funny moment earlier in the night where by sheer luck I got a lighter, but that's another story for another thread and another time.
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    the beauty of this gif is you can reuse it with no shame.
  5. I do like that gif, it's pretty much perfect for any situation

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