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  1. a couple weeks ago when i was asleep, i experienced the rest of my life. i achieved a state of meditation that allowed the rest of my life to unfold before me. i lived the rest of my life in one single night, as if i were in a sort of autopilot. time literally stopped and my dream took over. i cannot remember anything that happened at all, but i can recall it somewhat. it was all as real as anything, but now it seems only as if it were a past life. i can remember the whole time i was experienceing this, i was trying to remember bits and pieces, although i knew as soon as i was awake they would all be forgotten. ever since then i have experienced deja vu quite frequently, possibly because these moments are details i tried to make strong mental note of. all i was left with after my dream was my feelings and no exact recallection of any particular moment. i felt that the near future had great things in store for not only me, but for existence entirely, especially humanity. i believe this was a conscience awakening. i experienced death, and it was the greatest thing imaginable. death offered the greatest peace. it was wonderful.

    the thing is, whether or not this actually happened, either way it is all just in my head. the only existence that this event has is in my faith in that it did in fact happen. please tell me what you think or any ideas you have to offer. as you can imagine, this is a very confusing time of my life. everyday i wonder if i am slightly insane.
  2. I believe that's definitely within the realms of possibility, can you go back to that state that follows death? If so that sounds like it'd solve all your problems :) Hope all goes well my friend.
  3. I had a shroom trip where i had like a one second flash vision that hit me like a train. I saw a whole event that all my friends were at, but i wasn't and never knew about. I was able to explain every little detail about the event i wasn't at... where people were, what they were doing, etc. My friends were freaked/confused when i was able to tell them in such detail. I was even more confused... i still dno what happened, but i've figured out a lot more and kind of settled to it now... it happened about a half year ago. I guess this is sorta similar to what you experienced... hope it made sense, its a very hard experience to put into words
  4. In a dream there is no concept of time.

    Think of this-It's been proven that when you die you're brain is still active for six to twelve minutes(dreaming). So since there is no concept of time in a dream, you could live eternally in your dream body after death. That six to twelve minutes could be your whole life. Don't forget, time doesn't really exist. It's man-made
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    After death I experience a purified universal peace and understanding of all existance. Time and space were gone, and alpha and omega simply did not exist. it was like my soul was intertwined with all forces of nature to create an ultimate nothingness. I hope that makes sense.

    I read your post about that before, very interesting. Makes me feel a lot more saine haha. I just wish these things were easier for us to comprehend
  6. My experience drove me nuts for a good month or two. Its still something i think about. As far as that universal peace and understanding. I know exactly what your talking about. its a very rare feeling that i've only gotten once - and it happened to be that same experience i just explained.

    There was no space and time. When i saw that vision, it was only a split second, but it felt as though i watched over the whole event - which lasted... i dont even know how long, but not one second. When i was in that state, everything felt perfect and it was as though i had transcended everything material in the world, and was just another force of energy in the universe, floating above space and time. When i snapped out of it, i started freaking out and trying to explain everything a mile a minute to my friend. It was being hit by a freight train, followed by universal interconnection, followed by complete and utter mind fuck.

    Oh, I also transcended space and time on salvia once - that was an experience that i don't think words will even suffice... so i'll just leave it at that... salvia is intensely insane
  7. This sounds like what the enlightened masters would call "our true state". This makes me very happy to read :)

  8. that is the most amazing thing i have ever heard
  9. I've had a premonition dream once or twice. Very powerful experience because it shows you your story and it turns out good. But when you wake up you realize your ego will easily fuck it up.

    I have lucid dreams quite often. Happens when I sleep on my back, eyes towards the sky. (Did you know humans are the only mammal that can sleep on their back ... dogs do this sometimes, but not for 7 hours straight. I think this had a huge impact on the development of our brain ... the constant nightly questions while looking at a star sprayed sky ... who am I, what's out there, what happens when I die, etc...) Go without MJ, caffeine and sugar for weeks or months, then one evening take a couple bites out of a 90% pure sugarless cacao chocolate. It'll seem nearly impossible to fall asleep, but the lucid dream will come. I actually did this last night and had pretty trippy result. But explaining dreams is like ... well it's just boring to other people.

    What I can explain are the stages, or doors, I go through in a lucid dream. These stages, like acts in a play, corelate to the emotions associated with the chakras. In the first act there is epic fear, like a huge tidal wave coming and millions of peole running away from it; then escape to safety and a sexual rendezvous; then a violent anger part; then, brotherly love -- an escape and finding of a friend or group of loved ones. Then (this is where it gets weird) verbal or musical creativity -- I sometimes start talking in my sleep at this point. Then, using that verbal power, or rather giving it up/trading it in, I'm able to unlock a door and enter a magical hall or park with many other doors and communicate with other beings, seemingly telepathically -- communication wizdom ... the third eye. Finally, something happens ... like I'm led through a door, or told to stick my head in a hyper rotating triangle of light, something completely and utterly weird ... an almost suicidal act ... but when I give in I experience thoughtless bliss that is completely solitary ... my mind is as quite as pure white light ... it is the most remarkable feeling that seems to last a second and forever at the same time ... then I'm slowly pulled with a gravity like force. My mind starts its talking again ... I wake up.

    At any stage in this process you can wake up. I don't think many people get past anger. I've maybe gotten to the bliss stage one or two times I can remember. At every door, not being afraid and the willingness to give up ego/power is the key to the next level. If you can't or don't give up, you'll feel trapped, an inability to move and you'll slowly wake up a feeling a little mind fucked and relieved it was just a dream.

    I've often awoke from these dreams and my mind goes, GOD DAMN! that would make a great movie. I try writing it all down, but it turns to jibberish. The purpose of these dreams are to give you courage in facing your fears in real life.

    If you have them, these dreams are a real gift, because you begin to understand what the mind really is -- a constant voice showing you images and distracting you with fear from the bliss of pure existance, pure confidence. Your higher self.
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    man i've done everything that involves the mind, but i've never been able to lucid dream. I really hope it happens sometime soon.

    yeah, thats why i wanna try DMT so bad. That before death experience your talking about is caused when the pineal gland releases massive amounts of DMT to your brain right before death.

    So this post just covered to of my "to do's"
    1. lucid dream
    2. find DMT
  11. I remember having vivid dreams as a child, but I really started lucid dreaming after Shrooming. Shrooms force you to learn to quiet the mind -- during a trip you will inevitably have to learn some form of meditation to cope, however basic. You can do it with your eyes open while walking down the street, but it would create wakes in your energy level -- energy draining -- which is really what causes people to have bad trips. 5 grams in silent darkness while sitting still is the recommended launching fuel. Read some books by Terrence McKenna -- tons of good clips of him on youtube too.

    I too haven't tried DMT but want to. Thinking of heading to South America sometime this winter for an ayausca ceremony. DMT is the spirit molecule produced by the pineal gland -- the third eye. So a really effective trip would be to first enhance/enforce/strengthen all the other lower glands in the endocrine system which relate directly to the chakras. You wouldn't want to blast right into your third eye without having a cleared channel for sustained kundalini -- otherwise you might experience unfathomable fear and/or a post-DMT depressive state. Same goes for shrooms.

    Good luck. Thanks for reading my insights. I'll probably re-compose it as a thread for peer review sometime soon.
  12. hmm. I've tripped on shrooms about twenty times, and while they were all fantastic, spiritual experiences, i never tried sitting in complete darkness. I've eaten up to 7 grams, so needless to say I'm relatively experienced. I'll have to make this the focus of my next trip, whether it be mushrooms or LSD... hopefully LSD, I haven't experienced that enough yet
  13. The more you think about philosophy and spirituality the more insane you feel. Simply because the more you think, the more you realise that nothing in life makes much sense. It's also the fact that there are SO many questions and never any answers.

    Also, if you worry that you are insane, you can't be insane because insane people do not realise that their behaviour is irrational. TBH, you need to worry if you don't occasionly worry about your sanity lol :D

  14. Have you seen a movie called, waking life?
  15. That dream thing and the talk about DMT and mind-stuff is all very awesome. As for the premonitions, perhaps there is an ability that exists within our minds, but nobody has seemed to be able to permanently turn it on. If absolutely anybody could, then they could prove it to the world somehow and put an end to supernatural debate once and for all, but since it only happens sparingly, there's no way to prove it. And perhaps there are alternative explanations besides the supernatural, but some things do seem really impossible.

    I remember clearly the most impossible premonition I ever had. In 10th grade, I was going to school, and an episode of The Magic School Bus popped in to my head, the one where they jump in to a book and go skating on a frictionless surface. Well that morning, we were watching TV in homeroom, which we never do, and we turned to the Magic School Bus, which happened to be on, and it was the episode I had been thinking about that morning! What are the fucking chances of that? The one day I think about Magic School Bus (and I don't believe I'd thought about that show for years), we happen to turn to it on the TV. That that episode was in that timeslot during that day that I thought about it... it is too big of a coincidence to be a coincidence!

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