I am LEGAL!!!

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  1. Before I get too far ahead, I wanted to let you know how awsome this feels. To be legal and have even more resources open up is a very very very good feeling.
    So, how it all went down. Wife and I finally take my records in for evaluation after she agrees to a garden as long as its under the mmj law. We find a place that does evals for 50 and even file your app with the state for FREE (others charge 50 for this alone). So go in, fill out a few forms, like 5 minutes, turn them and my flash drive with records over, do a quick blood pressure check, doc comes out within 10 minutes.
    She goes over my records, asks a few questions and starts approving! My wife is there and I let the doc know shes going to be my caregiver. My wife sheepishly jokes that being a caregiver has its perks since the medicine helps her hands (which she works on a computer all day for work and school!).
    The doc asks why her hands hurt, wifey explains about the rhumatoid arthritis (please excuse my spelling if I mess up lol) and family history. How her primary doc said not much can be done, wishes she could get a mmj card too and then the eval doc interuptes her and says 2 magic words... "You do."
    My wife looked so sweet at the moment (gawd I love her) and asks if shes serious.
    We dont have records for her but the doc says she has a guy, a chiropractor who specializes in pain management. "I'll tell him to wait if you like, he's about 5 minutes from here."
    This is like 5:30pm! So we agree, pay the girl up front 50 bucks for my eval, doc makes a seperate file for my wife to get all the needed signatures, etc., submit my app, pic and 150 more via cc on the state site, thank everyone and dash to the chiropractor.
    5:40pm... Guy is there and already expecting us... Has 2 patients finishing up and asks if we dont mind he has to jump around a bit. So after doing a few tests, questions, he says she does have it (duh we knew that lol), fills out a few forms stating so and dashes to the fax machine. 5:55pm, the eval doc closes at 6pm... Fax goes through, 30 seconds later as she pays the $45 for visit, his phone rings. Says uh_huh, okay and hangs up. "They got it." , he says.
    So now we wait until tuesday to pay her 150... Shes so excited she qualifies, even though I told her she could.... You know how women never believe us men lol.
    Then the best part...
    Alarm goes off this morning, we get up, I make breakfast, turn on news, grab my phone and pipe. Do my usual toke then eat as I sip my coffee. Check email and start dancing :)
    As of 8:14am my app was received and APPROVED! Card is being mailed and should be here in a couple days! What better way to wake up on Friday? Now just need to get hers and start on my garden! Thanks for reading, see ya' in the grow threads!
  2. Must feel awesome dude!
  3. Yes it does. The downside is nosey neighbors lol. We live in a fourplex for now and know that everyone around us smokes so thats ok, just dont want them knowing I grow when I do.
  4. [quote name='"Speedcult"']Yes it does. The downside is nosey neighbors lol. We live in a fourplex for now and know that everyone around us smokes so thats ok, just dont want them knowing I grow when I do.[/quote]

    Yeah, having people know about your plants is dangerous. Not because of the legality in your situation, but because they could steal them or something
  5. Nice..I'm hoping to get legal here in the next few months depending on how my money saving goes
  6. So happy for you man it does feel great that the thing you love is finally legal to do
  7. So jealous. I don't even have that option :'(

  8. Maybe time to move to greener pastures ;)
    Seriously, I wont live where its not legal. Kids, etc. I have to...
    Knowing what kind of crap I would go through if cops ever had to come out.
    Plus as much as it costs for decent bud, its cheaper to grow!
    I basically figure if my neighbors cant be chill about it then they aint coming to my trim party lol!
  9. Congratulations, youre legal in your state...

    But federally... :devious:

    Nah, keep it on the dl and youll be fine. Congrats again dude.
  10. Now, become an activist, so others like Dawq can have what we enjoy!

    And there is NOTHING like that first paranoia-free smoke!

  11. I'm glad for you man. My city just voted to close all the dispenseries by December 1st of this year. I'm not a card holder, but I know a lot of people who do use it medically. So sad *shakes head*
  12. cool man dont forget to spread the love.. get a fence around your garden. Protects against rippers..
  13. So nascar, what is stopping you from changing that? I've given you a mess of articles that can change minds in post #24, so start commenting in your local online news! Print the articles up and leave them in laundromats. Write your local politicians- frequently!

    Ask the question- What are we being protected from by banning cannabis? (Look at those articles in #24!) Here we have a pleasant herbal medicine that is an effective way to stave off Alzheimer's! A cancer treatment that doesn't half poison you to death! A way to prevent the #1 cause of blindness (diabetic retinopathy) and more!:yay:

    Once the medical facts about cannabis are known, the need for legalization becomes obvious! All you gotta do is get the facts in front of everyone! :smoke:

    Granny :wave:
  14. As someone who is in a state that's not legal, your post still made me feel good for you. Usually I'm just bitter and jealous but you seem so happy lol. Still a little bitter....and jealous.....but you catch my drift lol. Congrats bud
  15. Thanks everyone. Yeah not too worried about a fence, garden will be indoors.
    Granny - always the teacher/prodder lol, but yes I am somewhat of an activist. I proudly wear my cannabis shirts, most which have a list of facts quite a few dont know. Many a stoner have said, "nice shirt heh heh..." Until they start to read and usually say they didnt know that... It starts with a seed ;)
    Plant knowledge and good medicine.

    I also participate in social groups such as CAMP420 but never able to attend any card-holder-only meetings like when they have cooking with cannabis lessons... Now I can!

    Sadly many states are starting to crack down. I believe this is due to the knowledge being spread and more people are starting to see the other benefits medicinally (sp?). This scares Big Pharm and so much of the anti-weed propaganda is starting to be shown for the lies it really is.
    Not to mention all the other companies. Even paper! The process for them would not only require LESS energy but require fewer toxic chemicals AND produce 4 times the product per acre as compared to the same acre of trees. Oh but that might infringe on 3M and other chemical companies.

    Sorry, I wont preach to the choir lol but here's an interesting link with some easy to read facts. Most are common knowledge if you ever spent any time learning about cannabis but there were a couple I never knew of.

    ET 1/99: The history and benefits of hemp
  16. Congrats! Very jealous!

  17. well hopefulllyyy she was when she turned 18 ahhhaa
  18. That so cool dude.I wish I lived in a mmj site.Glad to hear you ain't gotta worry about the police now.Sat up.
  19. Want a roomate? Seriously, dude. I'll sleep in the barn or toolshed with your hoes...:eek:

    And rakes and shovels ans whathaveyou.
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