I am in the process of being screwed over. What do I do?

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by SpiceMadeOfLife, Jan 25, 2009.

  1. k, so basically I'm dealing with this new dealer, who I've known since highschool. This is the first time I've done business with him, and hes screwing me over.

    I asked this guy to meet up with me yesturday, but he ditched meeting me at my place. I talked to him later on msn and he said he was sorry, a cause he said he had to move couches for his mom, 6 he said. I said fair enough, just lets do business tomorrow. He said he was jammin with his band tomorrow at 10 but he said he would work it out. I said sweet, just give me a text after you've finished and we'll meet up and do the exchange.

    The bud he says he's got is supposed to be super dank, its called Hawaiian Skunk. Best smoke you'll ever have. 10 bucks a gram, so I'm buying 2.

    Well I text him today saying lets do this by 3pm. Its 3 pm now, and he still hasn't made an attempt to contact me. He just signed on to msn, I started a convo with him asking if he's good to do business, and he said that he needs to get more bud.

    I dont know what that is, but this is seriously getting ridiculous. I doubt I'm ever gonna do business with this guy again, even if I do know him.
  2. Sound kinda sketchy if you Wanna call it that,So if he keeps screwing you over try and find another dealer Im sure you can :wave:
  3. I hate dealers that do this shit. String you along knowing damn full and well they don't have anything. That's how it usually happens with me anyway. They keep saying "Later, Later" and eventually they say they can't do it. Most I can figure is they are usually just trying to find some weed through someone else to sell to you, so they can jack the price up on whatever they bought and make a few extra bucks. Sometimes they can find some and do that, other times they just give up and say "fuck it". All the while you could be trying to find some somewhere else or just not be worrying about it at all.
  4. yeah unreliable dealers piss me off, if you cant make it on time dont make the appointment, you know.. and about hawaiian skunk, i live around toronto, my friend gave me some bud for free, it was very very good, next day he told me that its hawaiian skunk. i dont really believe names but if your getting what my friend has then it should be really good. awesome smelling dense buds, crysatls everywhere, great smoke.
  5. you also need to take into consideration 10 bucks for a gram of apparently the dopest dope you've ever smoked. no one sells high quality stuff that cheap... there could be no way he was makin money, i doubt its what he says it is
  6. Nine times out of ten, when they say it is really badass weed but you end up getting jerked around like the OP has posted, if you ever do end up with anything it's never as good as they have made it out to be.
  7. It's regs, I call bs on ANY skunk for that price, at least thru some sketchy end of the dealing chain like him.

    He'll get you your schwag. but you're gunna wait, and wait, and have to keep buggin him. If you have a better contact, leave him be and go to them, if not... well wait it out for his mids, but tell him you know what it is, if he keeps trying to make it sound dank after you've smoked it.
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    prices go up after 3 grams he said before, but yea sounds pretty sketch.

    To hendrix, you live in mississauga?
  9. I'm sorry for you my friend but that is absolutely wrong. Kentucky suxx.

    I can see why your saying your getting jipped, but my friend you have a blessing living in Canada.. 10 bucks a G is a godsend for some SUPER DANK.. Ive known the dealers like you talk about but still, damn... Just wait it out man, and find a new dealer.. It may just be this once he cant pull through but if it happens so often that its a problem to your schedule then tell him you gunna get from somone else..:smoking: GL
  10. well if you already gave him money or whatever you can probably forget about it. but id just call him and be like im on my way to your house. and then if he's like okay he cant get outta that. there cant be such a thing as hawaiian skunk for 10 a gram, unless he took what might have been dank weed and wiped it on the road and sprayed hawaiian air freshner on it to give it the cheap hawaiian skunk effect. pretty skecthy.
  11. It's pretty true (at least in the town) where I live. Everyone for the most part sells the exact same stuff, but tries to pass it off as different depending on who you talk to. Nowdays I don't believe anyone when they say they have something killer. I know it's not going to be true. Every great once in awhile I will run across something really good, but it is very very rare. I make people prove it to me before I pay for anything that is supposed to be different. Otherwise now days I just go to whoever is cheapest because I know the next guy will have the exact same stuff and just want to charge more for it.
  12. Location: Ontario Canada
  13. If your only dropping a dub then you aren't really worth his time, buy more, get more love.
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    20 bucks? It's 2009, not 1939, for crying out loud. Who is going to even bother for such a small profit margin? Pony up a couple of hundred and get yourself a REAL dealer.
  15. Like people said, your only buying a $20. That is not going to put you very high on the priority list.
  16. A customer is still a customer, it shouldn't matter. Maybe they can't afford that much or don't want to buy that much cause they'll smoke it all too fast.
  17. Yeaa, I'm not in for buying an O any time soon. Not only can I never afford that going to college, but I'd never be able to stash that right.

    Okay, so I actually got some bud. Its pretty good lookin, smells good, lots of crystal. I'll post later with the high report. If this is actually some dank, I'm guessing it wont take me more than 3 or 4 hits to get me fucked. Either way its weed, and it'll get me high. I know that for sure.
  18. richmond hill. my friend got it in mississauga though, his girlfriend goes to utm, thats where he got it
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    Hey, I smoked it, I'm blazed haha. I dont have any pics but I'll do a quick description.

    This shit is actually pretty dank. Alot danker than I thought it was gonna be, since it was lookin sketchy. My tolerance has been up lately and it was only a half bowl. Maybe it really is hawaiian skunk :D

    Its really nice to smoke, very smooth, not very harsh. It was really dry and easily broken up. When I was finished my finger tips were covered in cystal. Coovverrred, they glowed. Melt a bit like tea leaves, very nice

    Shit, regardless of all of that, I think I'm gonna stick with this guy. He's a good guy a I've burned and partied with this dude before.
  20. That's exactly what I was thinking?

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