I am in ower my head with this one Autos are dying

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by autogrowwer, Jul 18, 2017.

  1. Hello, guys!
    I have trying to grow for a year now, first time was a disaster with over supplementing and "burning"my plants with nutrients which did not yield anything. Second and third time i had some results with autos.

    Now i switched to other auto strain.
    After 2 months i had healthy plants, but no buds! I red that it can be possible because of "bad genetics" and some had luck with switching to 12/12 cycle ( I had 24h/7 before) .
    So I did switch to 12/12. After 3-4 days i noticed that something is happening in right directions , something very small is starting to form in the right place.
    But the smaller plants lower leaves started to show yellow, I did not worry and did supplement them with N rich supplements. Now after 10 days both of my plants has a lot of yellow leaves which also are
    sapless as when plant is over watered. I addition some upper leaves of bigger plant has started to turn brown over the edges.
    Needless to stay , buds stopped to develop.

    What suggestions do you have guys ?
    I really appreciate any help.
    In my first time i had similar problem, I ended up throwing the plants away. Thats why I am thinking it could be light problem.
  2. post pics Dude? wtf

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  3. Nothing anyone can do without pics, but yellowing does not always mean nitrogen. Could be mag, the lights could be too close, could be overwatering, etc.
  4. Ok, will get pics and post them as soon as I can.

    Definitely not a lightning problem since no upper leaves are affected.
    Will get back with pics!

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