i am in DEEP

Discussion in 'General' started by Thelxiepia, Jul 26, 2002.

  1. i REALLY need to know how long THC stays in your system. i just got busted and i have to take a piss test Oct. 1. it's still a ways away but i need to be perpared, or else i gotta move out.
  2. If you stop smoking now it will be out by then, no worries ;)
  3. if you drink enough water it could be completely flushed out in 1-2 weeks. \

    but if you have to get a hair follicle test(unlikely) it could still be detected.

  4. well my brother is the master at passing piss tests, what he does is drink about 3 gallons of water then take some vitamins to make his piss yellow and not dilluted. If you dont trust this method you can always go to your local head shop and get some clean out. but thats totally up to you.
  5. the cleaning solutions pretty much work, if you want to be 100% i say quit now.
    but if you're a risk-taker and want to smoke til the last minute, make sure you quit a week ahead of time, drink tons of water, cut down on fatty foods & other toxins (no alcohol/tobacco), exercise.

    and if you take a cleaner (which is kinda like insurance to me, but not 100% foolproof), make sure you FOLLOW THE DIRECTIONS TO A T on the package. i've passed 2 years worth of bi-monthly to monthly drug tests by using cleaners, and seen people FAIL on their first piss test because they over/under do it.

    good luck! lucky you don't have to pee until oct 1, it takes 30-60 days to get it out of your system!
  6. thanks for all the info!
    my coworker was telling me about this tea that her boyfriend drinks and its supposed to clean out your system...dunno what it's called but she's getting back to me about it.
    my brother also tried to apologize to me for busting me. he thought he was helping. he only made me loose my BEAUTIFUL pipe (RIP Schariece) and a little more than a quarter of schwag. :( that's what they piss test is for...but i do plan on smoking more...till september. ;)

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