I am idiotic...

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  1. So I was browsing through GC while eating some yogurt and after I finished it I had this crazy idea to put the cup over my face and create a suction between the cup and my lips. Don't ask me why. I think I left it there a little too long, I now have a reddish circle around my lips (where the suction was) and I look like a freak. I have no idea how to make it less red. I'm supposed to go out later with my guy and some friends and I just know they are all going to stare and make fun, not to mention my guy is probably going to wonder who I've been sucking face with because it really looks like someone sucked my lips for a long time.
  2. Shit, that's unfortunate.

    Just tell your guy the truth lol.
  3. take a hot shower and let the water hit your face for a minute
  4. ^^^^^^
    Tell me if that shit works btw
  5. just say u were getting high, then a gold fish jumped into the bowl, clogged it while u were inhaleing with ur eyes closed, so u thought it was clogged, and u kept sucking, then u exhaled out ur nose, and created a sucktion inside the bong...forcing it to ur lips for a good five minutes
  6. I already attempted icing it and put a warm cloth on it in an attempt to heal the broken blood vessels. So far, no luck.
  7. [​IMG]

    i used that to cover up a black eye a few years ago, i'm sure it'll work ... or some similar makeup...
  8. ahaha

    This is nothing to be self-conscious about, just a funny little story you can share with friends. :p
  9. damn you burst some blood vessels? you must've sucked fucking haard
  10. There is no perfect solution for you. When you constrict blood vessels and they rupture they cause slight bruising, which is what you have.

    The best way to cover this is with make up. Just wash your fact when you can and put make up on.

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