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  1. ok i have 8 white widow about 2and a half weeks old about 6inches
    tall i have a 5ft florecent but during the day i have them outside
    in natural light which i heard is very good for them i heard. Is this true. i am going to flower them in a green house, for eleven hours a day soon how long will it take to flower
    any help appericiated
  2. it is very inportant that some one answers my Q
    cause i dont want to fuck up my first grow cause i have a bet on with
    my dad
  3. 1) a Fluorescent tube is not going to put out enough light for you to grow those plants healthy, and large.

    2)Sun light is excellent light for growing all sorts of vegitation on planet earth

    3)You can flower them wherever the hell you want, but your not going to get desired results with 11 hours. MJ plants flower when the photoperiod (light cycle) drops under 12 hours of day. If you can give them the extra hour so that its 12/12 you will have bigger healthier, more potent buds. Your plant will finish quicker too.

    4)How long will it take to flower? From the point your at now? Or from when you first start to bloom it? If you mean now you have a couple months ahead of you, if you mean from the day you start to bloom it about 8-9 weeks if its a late blooming strain.

    Good luck on your bet.

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