I am gonna update Christianity!

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  1. Not really. And I am not a Christian either, nor a member of any organized religion. I am agnostic.

    Anyway, I came up with a theory while having a few drinks and a good sativa the other night.

    Remember how so many people thought that Y2K was gonna be the time when Jesus came back and all that good stuff? Well...what if they were right and we didn't even realize it!

    What if Jesus came back, not in human form, but in the form of the Internet. He came back in the form of the Internet to save humanity through the freedom of information. Because ignorance is the biggest threat to mankind after all.

    In this scenario, I suppose that governments would assume the roles of the unholy armies. Because really, who hates information more than governments?

    So the thousand year battle has begun!

    What do you guys think? Yay or nay?
  2. islam perfected Christianity. yet who knows? Christianity is flawed and always was
  3. There will never be "freedom of information"

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  4. Except the internet has done a great job in turning people into soul less evil atheists. probably by giving ppl easy access to information rather than having ppl turn to their goddamn elders to learn the same bullshit tht has been passed down for thousands of yrs

    I don't think it's a coincidence tht atheism has been on the increase in the past 10 yrs. US, S.America, Europe even the Middle East is seeing a surge in atheism

    but of course god lovers are pretty good baby-makers so it's gonna be a while before we outnumber the knee and forehead bruisers. Eastern Asians know what's good. although they still believe in some superstitious things unfortunately

    and dont forget almost half of the world population DO NOT follow any Abrahamic religion. Abraham was a senile old man and because of him i have no foreskin
  5. I think Jesus coming back and nobody realizing it pretty much sums up my attitudes on religion.
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  7. We're all born Atheists...
  8. The internet?? I'm def going to hell lol.

  9. Nay on that one bro. It's unfortunate that what everyone has learned or heard about Christianity is polluted to the point that sensible people just can't accept it. Jesus is not even the Messiah name. He was not called Christ either. God is spirit he is the universal gardener and this earth was his garden. Unfortunately Rebels came here and corrupted the watchers of this planet and its development. Those rebels combined their DNA with that of the humans and created modern man. That's why there's no missing link. God got tired of people not following him after he sent prophets and showed them his way. He then sent Elijah's souls to be reborn as John the baptist. He proceeded the messiah just as it had been prophesied. The messiah came and his purpose was to take power away from the religious order of priest and give people freedom and a direct line to God by prayer through him. Sort of like Messiah lived as a human so he could understand what we go through. Messiahs sacrifice did away with the strictness of the old law and brought in the new law of love and the spirit. Because of this the priest had him killed. After his death the spirit was moving so strong, people were giving up all they had to live in love and harmony. This move of the spirit was so strong it threatened the Roman Empire. The empire could not destroy Christianity so it usurped it by combining their paganism with Christianity. That is the Roman Catholic Church. Those guys then screwed people over for thousands of years and all Christian sects Protestant and catholic still practice those ridiculous doctrines. That is why Messiah will return again. This time to destroy all those wicked rulers who destroy the earth and corrupt the people. He will then set up a kingdom on earth as was Gods plan from the beginning. Make no mistake Jesus is not God but he is Gods chosen instrument and because he lived a life as a human he will intercede on your behalf to God if you ask him.
  10. I agree, it is very unfortunate that Christianity was hijacked.

    Well... Yeshua seemed opposed to religion, so the religion of Christianity is antithetical to it's foundation.

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