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I am going to GET FUCKED?

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by bubonic kronic, Feb 23, 2009.

  1. #1 bubonic kronic, Feb 23, 2009
    Last edited by a moderator: Feb 23, 2009
    So yesterday night a i made 4 firecrackers...

    8 Salted Crackers
    1 Gram (.25 per firecracker)
    Kraft peanut butter

    I eat all 4 just now...its been almost an hour and Im not fucked

    I have smoked the same weed before and its pretty bomb.

    SO whats up?

    BTW i let them sit overnight and did not cook them
  2. lol, cooking them is the most important part. the thc must be heated to a certain temperature to be released. not cooking them is equivalent to just eating weed straight, and we all know that does nothing.
  3. you just wasted a perfectly good gram....
  4. wow

    you really messed that one up
  5. If by FUCKED you mean not get high, then yes, you will get FUCKED.
  6. #6 mattwood1011, Feb 23, 2009
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    haha you probably didnt let it sit long enough man
  7. The only way you will get FUCKED is by the salmonella that's in Kraft PB:p,

    But to answer the question, they NEED to be cooked to heat activate the cannabinoids(sp?). In other words you just wasted a gram of dank:(
  8. Thc can be absorbed in fat two ways. 1. the faster way; cooking, but produces a less effective result. 2. You can let the cracker sit for a day or two and it will be more potent than if cooked.

    Idk if you waited long enough to use the absorption method. You probably should've waited at least 2 days. :smoking:
  9. have you personally tried this?
  10. :hello::hello::hello:... Nice work, next time pop those treats in the oven, and you will get :smoking: all day!!!!
  11. yes, I have. Look it up, i've heard a lot of people mention this method on grass city before.

  12. As have I.
  13. I've been on here for 7 months and haven't heard of it....

    at least not with fire crackers, it can sit in alchy, but idk if PB has enough fat to absorbe the THC
  14. i've been a member for numerous years and i recall seeing it quite often ;)
  15. Really?? just letting firecrackers sit there and they become MORE potent then their cooked-counterparts????

  16. sorry bro, but not true. You can let them sit out- but it has to be for atleast 3 days. most people think that this methods makes stronger firecrackers
  17. You can let them sit, but it should be for a few days.

    I made some and let them sit for 3 nights plus and they worked but not too well...
    I also made some in a microwave (carefully) and they worked extremely well. So for me the cooked method has been more effective, but both methods work in the PB has a high enough oil/fat content.
  18. You might want to check the firecracker sticky...
  19. i made 2 crackers 1 gram each and i didnt feel anything i hate edibles :mad:
  20. Are you sure you made them correctly???

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