I am going to Chicago to eat this bitch (HOT PICS INCLUDED)

Discussion in 'General' started by Blaze, Mar 21, 2012.

  1. My mouth is watering.
  2. I'd motorboat that pizza like i motor boat titties.

  3. Haha dude ive been. Shit was so good i ended up taking 3/4 of a medium home( thats how big they are). But it was so good i had to keep eating. I felt sick and like i was gunna die but worth it. You gotta goto the place u can write on the walls. I forget what its called
  4. Dude

    Why :(
    I'm hungry lol
  5. That other pizza thread got me hungry, and I knew i could trick you guys into this one with the title alone lol
  6. Looks like some serious heart burn. lol.
  7. Everything he said is technically true...however i thought he meant hot girl :( Guess I'll go watch porn...:hide:

  8. I did too for a second, then I saw chicago and figured it was pizza. The pics made my mouth drool more then porn does. :p
  9. Its decent and I live around there.
  10. I did really well in marketing class :D
  11. I was expecting some hot blonde..Thats some real pizza tho.
  12. ive had that before.....its good but new york knows how to make the best pizza
  13. i hope you got your red wings on dude. that pies over flowing in red sauce.
  14. So wrong, but so funny :laughing:
  15. Yes!!! That is the only reason I can ever see myself going to Chicago.
  16. oh fuk is that first picture in the restaurant?
  17. ihate you :( i need that food
  18. I live in Chicago, the actual city not a burb like everyone else who claims to be from Chicago..

    And I fucking hate deep dish pizza.

    I would rather have just regular chicago style pizza any day..

    Deep dish doesn't even really taste like pizza too much lol..

    To each his own though
  19. That pizza honestly isn't even that good. 90% soupy tomato sauce and 10% cheese/toppings

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