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I am going crazy.

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by SereneSmoker, Oct 26, 2003.

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  1. Man, lately I have been..........well freaked out by unexplained actions in my home, but due to my ignorance and pride I have just now started to take notice, it all began about four years ago with a dream, the dream starts with a woman calling for help I begin to walk towards the woman to help, she then screams but no sound comes from her so I run to her but I am coming no where near her, but then the woman disappers and I am on a cold slab of a table surrounded by 5 \"greys\" looking down on me, one is holding my hand with one hand, and its other hand is on my temple, as to say we will not harm you, but then one of the other \"greys\" begin to lower so small knife like instrument and begins to cut in my stomack, this is the point I will wake up in a cold sweat with a sharp pain in my stomach and rib area. I asked my father about it and he said he has so called\"fucked up\' dreams like this ever since his days with the marines, at this point I have begun to notice small things that have been scaring me out of my home, like strange clicking noises in the night, what sounds like foot steps, and missing objects that reapper later in another spot, but that stuff was in a fire proof lock box, that only I have access to due to me owning the keys, so I DONT NOW BUT I HAD TO SAY SOMETHING> Serene

    Ps. My dad smokes just as much as I do so he isant a hard-ass military asshole, due to his time and experiances in the service he no longer trusts the U.S government.
  2. and also I have had weird dreams with aliens that look like angels with no wing, actually they are very human looking, just that they are taller in great physical condition, and they are really none violent on the most part. I FEAR I AM LOSING MY MIND DO YOU KInd People think I am goign crazy> Serene

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