I am going away, and when I come out my freedoms will be limited

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  1. Had another court date today and like always nothing happens except it is all coming to an end, on the 5<SUP>th</SUP> of November was the date I was arrested back in 06 and been out of custody out on bail. <?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:eek:ffice:eek:ffice" /><o:p></o:p>
    Out of the 6 felony counts all but 1 count remains, and this 1 count was not my part but I am going to go down on this count due to circumstantial evidence where a story can be true or false, the circumstantial evidence looks like a true story while the truth to be told is false. <o:p></o:p>
    I would go to trial but the risks are great and I could face up to 5 years in state custody (prison) if I were to tri the case.<o:p></o:p>
    I am faced to make a decision by September 6<SUP>th</SUP> to take 3 years state custody which in turn will be 1.5 years, 18 months in state prison staying at Wasco; I have zero priors and have clean record. My lawyer says that once I get processed and evaluated I will 99% I will go to fire camp and will be in minimal security for the stay in Wasco since it takes several months before you can go to fire camp. <o:p></o:p>
    (If anybody has any experience of this prison and somebody in my situation with no priors, and the time I am going to serve, any advice or what I am looking at once I get there.) I ask, cause I am scared and I don't know what lays ahead of me, ill be there for less then two years so does this mean I will be with low level section of this prison.
    I will miss you guys, I probably have about 40 days remaining before I have to submit myself to the county jail, before I get processed. <o:p></o:p>
    It is unfair, injustice of the justice system.<o:p></o:p>
  2. damn bro, dont really have any advice for you, but good luck.

    actually, one of my friends was inocent of a felony charge against him, but by pleading guilty instead of going to trial he was garunteed no jail time. but he is on house arrest for a long ass time.
  3. Watch yer cornhole bud.

    Nah, furthest into the legal system Ive gone is county.
  4. So, you were acquitted of all charges, but one? Which one did you get stuck with?
  5. i would run. no way in fuck would i ever knowingly go to court if i knew i was gonna be locked in a cage if im innocent. either just run or if you have the means and the will skip the county and start over.
  6. Become a mountain man!
  7. Well.. Good luck in the pin man but honestly if you were me I'd totally run somewhere. I have no idea but I think I'd try to get to Hawaii somehow and live in up in the volcanoes and shit. God I love Hawaii :D
  8. Dont listen to these fools. If you run they gonna catch your ass anyways. Its just a matter of time.
  9. True dat.

    My friend was kicked out by his assholes roomies, and he wanted to run because he thought he had a warrant out for his arrest.. I took him in for a couple of days with my family.. gave him a home, fed him and I made him realize that he can just go, get his probation done by not smoking for a year and get a job meanwhile.. get his money together and go do what he wants to do instead of run or kill himself.

    Dont run. Do what you gotta do, and go on with your life.
  10. I can't run, I am close to my family and my girlfriend is willing to wait for me and plus my bail was 500,000 dollars, rents paid the whole amount so if I run they lose a half mil and I would never do that to them.

    The one count is a cocaine charge, I was on my way to my lunch break from work going to Carl's Jr and my friend had called me, not really a friend just a OK friend of a good friend of mine and asked if I could pick him up at the airport and drop him off at his place.. I work a couple blocks from the airport and I said no I'm at work and going to lunch and he was like I am right here at the airport and we could eat lunch together so I was like fine..

    little did I know, I walk out of Carl's Jr with hundreds of agents it seem like, from ATF,FBI,NTF with the whole place surrounded, most horrible day of my life man.

    I live off the coast, small towns where everybody knows everyone so with my picture all over front page news, fox11 news I was like fuck and they raided my house and 5 others, i had my medical card so cannabis charges were dropped even though they were above limits and they detroyed the place, was horrible.

    later that night when I get booked in county, I find out that in his luggage he had 11 keys of yay, I find out cause I was charged for possession and sales of it.

    When I was in pre lim, they were charging me with 26 years, now it is down to 18 months..

    "second class citizenship in a tax dictatorship." I think that is BS, can't vote, lose your rights, they can search you whenever they want, you are no longer an american as I see it. I am a good person, worked for a good company and had everything going for me and now im slowly losing everything and on top of it I am in the medical field, after this with a prison prior and felony, it will be very hard to impossible to get into medical or State.
  11. workout and get your fighting game up, wether you wanna fight or not your gonna have to atleast once or twice if you wanna protect your manhood

    Dont join up with a all white gang, just try to get by hangin out with the loners, old guys, and crazys

    keep to yourself and you should be fine for the most part

  12. woah, so weren't his prints all over the luggage? Seems like you could easily fight it, if it's just the one charge. If your parents have that kind of dough, I'm sure you got a good lawyer, he doesn't think you have a case?

    Seems to me a good lawyer could get you acquitted of this cocaine charge.

    or did you plea guilty to this charge in exchange for dropping the others?
  13. Wow dude that is completely fucked up, if it wasn't yours you need to do some talkin?

    GL. :(

  14. Spoken w/experience?



    Your life as you knew it is over. Why you ask for suggestions when clearly your mind is made up. If your folks take that 1/2 mill(5O,OOO cash or land equivalent) hit would it kill them? If there willing, your parents, to help you when you get out? I'ld still RUN.

    Fool I might be in the eyes of the uneducated.

  15. I am hoping I will be in low level and then be off to fire camp is what I want but I know it takes time to get into fire camp, months.

    I just wanna stay inside the whole time, heard to many bad stories of going out to the yard, but Ive also heard bad stories of guys that stay in there cell or inside all day too

    I don't know which crowd I would mix in with.. im italian, white.. olive skin with black hair and I don't think that helps me either.

    as for the other comment

    his prints were all over it, and FBI, ATF knew he was bringing this back with him and it is was not mine but for some reason, it is still very hard to prove it, I don't know why.

    To me the story seems to play out just as it did but the judge does not feel that way nor does the DA..

    We hired 3 laywers, over this time period and they are still hired, They dropped the other charges not to keep this one but they want me to plea on this one count though.. what needs to happen is the guy needs to tell them, judge, da or whether it is the jury the truth and we don't know if the guy will or not.. The lawyers need permission from his attorney to talk to him and see what he will say and that plays a very critical point in this case.. There was a lot of money siezed by me, more then the others but I had my own thing going on but it was on the legal side of things with cannabis and clubs but they don't like the fact that I had the most money over the other two and they are putting a story together with that.

    oh and this guy that needs to tell them has allready been processed, so he has nothing to lose at this point.. so like I told the lawyers today, you need to talk to this guy before sept 6th, it is critical.

  16. I don't fully understand what ur saying, that I go back into county get bailed out again with 50k and then take off somewhere, I would be leaving everything I love behind me, I would never see my parents, my brother, gf again..

    I do 18 months and continue with my life... seems like my only choice here right now.

    if anything, my parents would be willing to help me build my life together and that 50k could be used for that instead of losing it or the half mill.
  17. When bonding you must put up 10% or land equivalent.

    Jody is the name you will hear in jail. " Jody w/your girl tonight." Did you hear Jody when you was talking to her. Trust me. Loose jealousy before you enter. If you get 3 yrs, do not plan on getting out till they let you. Isn't an election comeing?

    All your kin can visit you in alaska. You can start a new life. Clean. After couple yrs you can go Hawai. Prison is not rapes(toomany open gays). Prison is boring.
  18. damn, 500,000 dollars bail, if i called my dad from jail n was like "my bail is 500,000 dollars and they want to give me 26 years in prison" he'd be like "holy fuck, your ass can rot in jail for 26 years motherfucker, cuz i aint got, nor am i gonna get you bail money"

    but uhh yea, your gonna wanna be at least cool with the white gang, cuz thats how prison works, races group together, n if u aint down with the white gang then if the mexicans, blacks, jews, arabs, whatever got beef with you, your gonna get ur ass handed to you with no one to back you up

    try to stay as low key as possible though, dont start no shit n hopefully there wont be no shit, usually people dont go to state for only 1 n a half years, since county goes up to 2 year sentences if i'm not mistaken

    shouldnt be too bad, u'll make it, and probably learn alot from it to, read up on some shit while ur in there so you can at least be gettin smarter instead of just rotting, and good luck
  19. i didnt ''quote;; nothing,,, but 420 freedme,,,, dude im really liking what i read from you,,,,,,

    im also a ex-con,,, and trust me do your time,,,, and get out,,, and put it behind you,,,,

    running as these previos posts suggested is bullshit,,,, the man will eventually catch up to you,,,, he's a hard person to run from,,,!!!!!

    and your not looking at that much time,,, you'lll be out before you know you was ;;in;; and the only ''queers '' in prison '' were queers before they went in,,,,

    and if you want to learn a little racial,, education,,, then yes hang with the white crowd,,,,, because prison is really racially divided,,, and treat it as a learning experience,,,, maybe it will help you to cross your racial barrier if you have one,,,,

    after my stint i come out a more wiser criminal,,, and learned that my not-so-white skinned brother,,, is my friend,,,,,among other things,,,,

    do your time,,, and dont worry about it,,, it aint shit,,,,:cool:
  20. I know where your coming from. I spent 10 months in Newport with a 6 month sentence of agg assault and felony possession. Don't run. Prison is not that hard.

    When I was inside at first, I tried to act hard, and got into several fights, ended up in SAG, which is one of the worst times of my life. I would have killed myself if I could.

    Don't act hard, don't brag, don't try and get drugs (unless you have someone to watch your back)alot of people get hurt and ratted on for that, dont be a stoolie, go to solitary is better than ratting on someone. Befriend your cellmate, having a good cellmate will make prison ALOT easier.

    Do NOT show weakness, but don't go out looking for trouble. Learn to read. It makes the time go by easier. If they offer work there, do that. Getting out of your cell for 8 hours and not on the yard will help too. Plus, most of the guys that work aren't the harsher criminals, so they are a little easier to get alot with, and that can even make laundry fun.

    But, being a felon isn't all cake and gravy. I can't vote. I can't own a gun, I wasnt able to get financial aid, it was a godsend my dad said he would pay my tutuion. And, job availabilty is low. I mean, I've got a bach. in History, and Im a bartender. I could have been a lawyer.

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