"I am From"

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  1. <<<3:30 PM 8/30/2008>>>"I Am From"
    "I am from a home that is never alone,
    minuswell well have watchdogs instead of doors and bells, from a place were the hood meets with the street, from a place filled with Crookland's heat.
    Outt'a here im outt'a there, stuck a mythalogical fork in morun an' dispear.
    I am from the Courpus streets, where the hood is only hood when a pot-pies' a treat. Where there's a true like hell amung little boys and girls only wishing to be somewhere else in the world. But this is my hood an' im'a rep till' the death of it, that's definate stay stayin on my G ediquet.
    I am from a family of four, n' you bet i can sore, n' you bet we adore. But i digress we stand differntly amung the rest, tryn'a put us down but your attempts are pethetic at best.
    Yo' n' heres a little lesson for you, I don't have no bullets and son i stand alone with no crew, and it's a definate thang that im not bullet proof! BUT YOU CAN GO AND TAKE YA' AIM BECAUSE YOU CAN'T KILL THE TRUTH... WORD.
    And if you think you can your absurd, you'll get cha' pretty face rammed straight into da curve. Because it's word rebels are alive up in the street
    puttin their live's on the line son and thats on the daily."

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