I am drunk

Discussion in 'General' started by Peaceful Rocker, Apr 29, 2006.

  1. and I feel like making a topic about it! :):rolleyes:
  2. I'm drunk as fuck.

    I love it.

    Im stoned as fuck.

    Pills.. SHH!!! ;)
  3. Since we're not talking about anything specifically (and because I am not drunk), Reefa... You like Eminem?
  4. Well, As a person. Sorta. I respect how he is to his daughter. I respect he's a grown man and things are more important then his musica carrer. I respect that.

    Does he get hood respect, Yeah. Is he truely ghetto: Sorta, Kinda.

    But some of his music is good, Some is utter bullshit.

    Most of the D12 shit is badass. The crazy Detroit gangster rap is what its bout.

    But alot of em's good, Old and new. From his first cd almost noone has, To his newer shit. From like "313" To "Sing For The Moment" to "Drug Ballad' to "Amityville." So many more. The crazy shit i like.

    His songs like "Real Slim Shady", "Superman", And plenty others like that i despise. Too mainstream for a real Detroit rapper.
  5. Im waiting for my ride, to go to a party, to get drunk. Maybe food and energy drinks first
  6. @Reefa:
    Hah! I'm listening to "313" right now. I had just put on Infinite when you had posted here, so I had to ask.
  7. Hell yeah.

    Infinite is one hell of a album.

    Glad sonebody knows about it besides the Detroit people.
  8. BUDWEISER the king of beers!!! Im drunk too mein:smoke:
  9. I love the album, I love Eminem's flow. Oh yo, I gotta ask, how did Detroit cope with Proof's murder? Also, mind tellin me about Eminem's block and what makes him hood, and what doesn't? I haven't had the chance to talk to anyone from Detroit before.
  10. I work with a dude who was close to Proof and his family. Shit hit hard in the community. Another respected member of society dead.

    Marshal Mathers III aient really grow up in the real rough area of the hood. Jus a ghetto trailer park, Which is very ghetto. But not like the really rough hood.

    Jus he gets alot of respect in the hood. But someplaces he gets no respect and people fuck with him. Depneds on where he goes.
  11. Yeah that shit was really fucked up. What'd you think of Searching for Jerry Garcia?
  12. I don't really follow rap that much, but I do listen occasionally and I like D12. You're saying Proof got killed? I gotta go google for a minute. That't terrible.

    Hehehe, I'm feeling it all brotha. Need a little time for the last to kick in though.
  13. Yeah, Proof got murdered. He shot some dude over a pool game on 8 mile. Then got shot by the dude who shot's cousin.

    R.I.P. DeShaun Holton

    Then Karnail Pitts, A.K.A. Bugz from D12 got murdered back in '99.

    A hard hit to the community.
  14. Yeahyaaaa, last night had a 40 of highlife, a monster, and 2 shots, the last of which i barfed right after i took, bleehhhhhh smirnoff.
  15. word, i got pretty fucked up last night. went to a party at my boy's house. took shots, smoked blunts, drank beer. ended up at whataburger @ 2am. hahaha.

  16. Well if you ever just "end up" somewhere, you probably had a good night :smoke:
  17. god damn right
  18. i drank a 40 n a buncha jungle juice while i was waitin for my acid to kick in lastnight.. that was a damn good combination

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