i am drawing the best drawing as we SPEAK

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  1. Ok for the past hour or so i have drawn an awesome looking bud. it looks insanely awesome. im not being vein or anything but this is fucking awesome. it looks so legit, i did not know i was capable of drawing something like this. it is 1:28AM, i have to be up by 9 tomorrow but im not sleeping until its done. it is fucking AWESOME!!!

    I am getting my camera tomorrow so i will surely take a picture of it then. peace
  2. Yo man can't wait to see it man
  3. Cant wait to see it.
  4. i cant wait to see it :p

    there must be an echo in here.
  5. so, you are in the process of depicting a "bud" as you say? whatever you're doing, the pen is mightier than the sword, and keep it up the penly inspiration
  6. uhh its like 5pm where the pic?
  7. um he was high at the time and realizes it isnt that great now.

    until he smokes up again, i dont think we'll be seeing it.
  8. Haha great that is definitely what happened.
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    OK GUYS IM ABOUT TO UPLOAD IT wait like ha,lf an hour

  10. wttttttttttttttttttttf let down 2 times in 1 day
  11. Oh sorry i ment to delete this thread. i made another thread. its on there the thread is called the best drawing i drew ever. or i could just post it up on this 1

    here it is, as promised. picture doesnt do it much justice.


    and heres my cat

  12. what the fuck is wrong with your cat?
  13. yea wtf? looks like a burnt pancake,
  14. Its a cornish rex lol its just a scode aye.

    what u guys think of my drawing. i think i might try get a better pic later
  15. drawing looks alright. do u want me to do you a favor and run your cat over for you????
  16. Haha, yea, and the drawing is pretty tight, man.
  17. im pretty good with a pencil.. i think it looks awesome

    the bud leaves mostly

  18. burst out laughing in class after reading.
  19. wow, looks totally overrun with hairs!
    kinda like this strain

    and p.s. the cat looks weird but I'm sure he or she is a good fit for ya and has a nice personality

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  20. No offense but at first glance I thought your cat was roadkill

    ...and the drawing looks good

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