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I am down to my last G and a half..

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by hatechinces, Nov 5, 2011.

  1. Keep the bud forever.

  2. No, I just have a large habit and can smoke lots this is out of the ordinary... You mad you got none and can't afford it and get shitty dope?!? I bet you are.
  3. #43 Beagle, Nov 5, 2011
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    Woah are you one of those recklessly decadent Californian ballers? How's the lifestyle bro? Is it a concept still or did the mindset finally mold? Is the lysergical journey yearning for earning returning a burning mass of disaster in react to cannabinism?

    edit: what I mean to say is go the fuck outside and enjoy the beauty, why not spend the one day you're not smoking weed all fucking day outside for a change? Or let me guess you just blaze your circ/circ on your patio all day anyway? Oh shit Verandan? Recklessly decadant, damn

    edit2 and on the off chance you don't live in Cali, no one is impressed by your finances dude, get a life lol no offense
  4. You are just some scrub who hasn't smoked for a few days and is mad so decides to go on grasscity, to E-rage on people, you are just a single celled amoeba who lets his hate inform his view.
  5. #45 Beagle, Nov 5, 2011
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    Nah I spent my money on something worthwhile while maintaining my meager rate of pay. I'm sorry my trivial and probably disease-ridden existence offends your holy smoker-ness.

    I really did mean no offense btw, you just sound like you need a hobby. I skateboard, it helps me live, like I said, get a life
    edit: like I said, I meant no offense, I don't know if you can tell my level of seriousness (I find irony in creative storytelling and rhythm online). If you are a baller I'm totally stoked for you, but you still need outlets of creative expression other than just reckless indulgence in petty vices.

    Not that smoking is a vice per se but in your situation, woah

  6. Not mad at all lol just sayin you sound pathetic worrying about chasing your next high that's all...I smoke when I have the extra money and when I do I don't waste my money on shitty weed.
  7. I love when people say OP has a problem then he just insults them saying they cant afford bud.

  8. Who the hell are you even? Where did you come from? You are just like your bud... A ghost.
  9. Would you like my full name and place of birth? Sounds like you're the one whose mad and dry lol.
  10. [quote name='"hatechinces"']

    Who the hell are you even? Where did you come from? You are just like your bud... A ghost.[/quote]

    Haha dude you get way too butthurt to make it here.

    Grow up and come up with some better material before you start talkin shit to people. I was on your side until you started talking down to people like that.

    Looks like you'll just have to curl up in a ball and go through the weed withdrawls, o wait that doesn't happen so just suck it up homie.
  11. Damn man, just because people are saying that you can go a day without smoking you don't have to attack them by saying they can't afford bud. You came onto a forum and asked people what you should do with your bud, if you didn't want to hear other people's opinions, why did you ask?
  12. Your mama oughta slap you, boy... Bitchin' and moanin' cuz you smoked up all your mexican ragweed. Nobody likes a whiner, so wipe the snot from under your nose and be a man, as macho man would say.
  13. yeah my mentality is that it is easier to go with out your bud when you are dry when you still have that small amount you keep think "should i smoke" until finally you give in.... soooo just go blaze your bomb and enjoy the high today, if you cant find some tomorrow i think you will be ok
  14. stop saving that shit and smoke it, weed is a accesary not a nessecity
  15. Buddy i really think you need to think about taking a small tbreak of sorts, an 8th a day is really not necessary, and the fact that you are getting so worked up about not having bud for a day or too is honestly not a good sign either. I know how you feel as i am a daily smoker, and while my habit was not as big as yours, i had worked myself up to going through a quarter-half o a week and would also feel heavy anxiety when for some reason i was unable to pick up, whether my dealer was just dry for a day or two, or some unexpected expense popped up.

    However i am just coming off about a 2 week tbreak, and not even a legit tbreak as i still smoked 2 or 3 times with friends, i just didnt buy any for myself. Point is i am smoking about half as much or less as i was before, i feel both healthier and am saving money.

    And for the record money was not really an issue with my habit, i was able to easily afford the amount i smoked, but just because you CAN afford to buy so much weed doesnt mean you actually should. I still smoke enough to smoke all day, multiple times a day, and get pretty high every time, yet ive got an extra 60-100 dollars in my pocket every week. And that was only at a quad to half o a week, which is a good amount smaller than your habit. Just another bit of motivation.

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