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I am down to my last G and a half..

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by hatechinces, Nov 5, 2011.

  1. an eighth a day? If you only have a part time job your paycheck probably goes almost exclusively to weed lmao...
  2. Personally, I always try and conserve, so if I know I'm not picking up til a certain day, I'll try and make my weed last me til then.

    However, seeing how you're a Hendo fan, and Shogun is gunna KO him in two weeks time, you might wanna save all the weed possible til after that fight to try and forget the image of Hendo laid out! ;)

    Only joking (kind of, Shogun is my fav fighter hands down, has been since his tear in Pride), but cool to see another MMA fan on these boards.

    I say, smoke it all up brother!
  3. Shit I'm starvin in Indiana, I wish I had money for bud. I'll trade you 10 ramens for a one hitters worth of dank.
  4. Try the bob saget technique

    sounds like you're at about that level

  5. You too poor to afford buds? Don't be mad homie.
  6. i would save a bong toke for sunday night if i was you. fuckin walking dead/ dexter
  7. My suggestion :I'm in ur shoes but worse: either pack a bowl of ur good shit or a bong rip and ghost every hit u take for like as long as possible

  8. Hendo is going to lay waste to Shogun. Hendo has never been knocked out Shogun better grab a blanket and a pillow because he is going to be taking a nap.
  9. Yea, I got like a gram.. It's gotta last me all day.
  10. There's going to come a day where you'll have to go without smoking, why not start practicing now.
  11. haha. I think you're gonna be alright... I used to smoke all day everyday over the Summer. A half o a week easy. College came back around and I can make an eighth last two weeks.. Its not that hard, it's actually kind of nice to be so god damn productive for awhile... I think you can handle a day.
  12. Easier said than done.
  13. An eighth a day? I'd be bankrupt if I kept up with that habit lmao
  14. I haven't even smoked yet today I woke up like an hour and a half ago. I don't smoke first thing in the AM or at least try not to.
  15. Dude try not having a dealer at all now that sux......
  16. Sounds like an addiction if you're sad because you won't have bud for a while. You don't need it to live.. so why does it matter if you don't smoke up for a day or two?
  17. Save it, you will be thanking urself later.

    I always fuck myself over like that

  18. Just like an alcoholic can go a couple days without, just like a smoker can go a day without smokes.
  19. I only have a g left too... I think I'm just gonna hold onto it until I pickup again. It's gonna suck not smoking it, but I'd rather have some and not be able to smoke it than not have any at all.
  20. You sound so pathetic if you can't go a day without tree then you should prob stop smoking all together.

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