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I am down to my last G and a half..

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by hatechinces, Nov 5, 2011.

  1. This sucks... I don't know if I will be able to get more tomorrow or not... I just smoked a bowl of shitty bud because I am saving my good stuff for tomorrow but I don't feel that high. Should I smoke some good stuff? Maybe just a puffy or two?
  2. I barely get to smoke anyway, i think u can go 1 day without smoking =/
  3. You don't understand I have been smoking as much as I want and it may be a full day until I get it. I am debating whether or not to hit the bong with a bit of what little I have...

  4. Africans barely get to eat anyways, I think you can go one day without eating.
  5. Well if you're getting more tomorrow, u can hit it now. Or save it for a wake n bake

  6. I doubt I am getting more tomorrow... Maybe the next day.. MAYBE. I don't need to smoke all of what I have and I can still have a bong toke or two.. I was saving my indoor and smoked the last bowl of shitty outdoor I had and I don't really feel that stoned.
  7. ^well what u can do is, hit half of it now. And save the rest for tomorrow?
    .5 bong hit gets my brother high(and he has a pretty high tolerance, smoked everyday for 2 years)
    Just dont overthink it, 2 days would go by like nothing anyway.
  8. I feel like I'm scroungin
  9. scroungin?
  10. #10 trazyfilth, Nov 5, 2011
    Last edited by a moderator: Nov 5, 2011
    at least you have a lil bud man im dry till later on this morning only getting a dime (1 gram) myself but if youre wanting to conserve id recommend smoking bowls saves alot compared to joints. if i were you id just save what ya got left for a wake and bake because ive woke up many of times where i smoked all my bud the night before then woke up in the morning with nothing to smoke wishing i would have saved at least a bowl to smoke when i woke up.
  11. Shitty, I usually have way more than this so I am a little bit down about this. Will have for sure on Monday at least.
  12. Sounds like a boring weekend, sorry to here that bro.
  13. Thank you, I guess if I am really hurtin I will just go talk to him and work something out.
  14. It's a g and a half, I smoke as much as I want and I normally end up around a gram a day maybe a little more maybe less.. You should at least be able to make it till Sunday with weed and pickup Monday..

  15. I have roughly an eigth a day habit give or take
  16. blaze that shit up !
    life short tomorrows no promis
  17. Do you smoke cigarettes by any chance? When im dry, I always find a newport to help with meh "on edge" attitude

  18. yea, but they don't get me high which is what makes me miserable. I am sure if I am hurting badly I will go hit up one of my friends who likes to smoke all my bud and i'll smoke some of his this time around.
  19. this is ridiculous "ohhh I might have to go a WHOLE FREAKING DAY without bud boohoo" gtfo with that shit, there's ppl on this site who don't get to smoke for weeks/months at a time cuz cant always afford it, but you wana bitch about [potentially] 1 day?
    Sounds like you need a break. You're making your life revolve around weed, instead of letting weed revolve around your life.
  20. You should survive.

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