I am confused: Female or Male (Lemon Haze)

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  1. Hey there!

    I am currently growing 3 Lemon Haze plants on my roof top here in Amsterdam. I bought a bunch of feminized seeds and squeezed them down the soil in hope for results and it sure is working - partly.

    My issue is this:

    Two plants are in the same pot (One is obviously blooming and growing, what I think, buds) while the third is in a separate pot. I didn't get the time to separate the two before their stems curled around eachother.

    What I am wondering:

    Are the two plants who aren't growing buds males?

    Should I cut down the plant that aren't growing buds in order to give more water to the one that is?

    Why do some leafs get yellow?

    Will the plants who are together stop grow if I don't separate them?

    Please take a look at the photos, any advice is appreciated.

    This is obviously the first time I grow weed.

    Thanks in advance,

    Fred :wave:

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  2. Need better pics of the bud sites..

  3. Allright! Coming up in a few hours.

  4. I cant c anything.
  5. I think the one "budding" looks herm to me bro. You seeing powder on the fan leaves or little flowers? Is light hitting him during the night(dark) period? Light interruptions cause stress and that = herms.

    Males/Herms ususally start to flower first. The ones currently doing nothing could very well be female. Females have white hairs and green nuggy goodness.

    I would axe the herm so the other potential female can get bigger.

    Plants look on the healthy side not a bad first grow.
  6. Cant tell if those are buds or bannanas on the flowering plant, no way to tell for sure but the tall one thats not budding looks male in grow structure just based on experience.
  7. that plant looks like a herm but need better pics,,set camera to macro and focus
  8. If you have one with "buds" and one without.. The one with buds is probably male pollen sacks. Males almost always show before females.
  9. you have a herman and whats up with that tiny red pot?
  10. Thank guys. I took a closer look yesterday and realized that the one that's blooming is a herm. I'll cut it down tonight! Yeah the red pot is too small but I didn't dare to separate them when the stems had twisted around eachother. I'll cut down the herm tho and move the female to a bigger pot. Thanks a MILLION for your help!
  11. Did that female turn out okay?
  12. you need bigger pots!

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