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I am confused and need some advice from the experts....thanks!!!!!

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by FaithWorks, May 5, 2016.

  1. Greetings new friends,
    I joined this forum 2 days ago when I received my NY medical marijuana card on May 3rd. I do not know if Prince (RIP) was cannabis user but if so, that would be cool because the NY card is in purple.

    Quick background. In early mid fifties, severely injured and found fully disabled due to horrific accident a few years ago. Been on heavy opiates (oxycontin) for a few years along with benzos. I told my Drs I want of the pills because they are killing me, took away my libido, and I just hate the "chemical" feeling of pills. When I read MMJ was passed in NY, I decided to apply for a MMJ card and was approved due to the nature of my medical conditions which include chronic & severe back pain.

    Here are the few questions that I am sure every seasoned cannabis user can answer but still confuses the tar out of me.

    1.) I have access to very high end bud like sour diesel and those type of strains. I do find cannabis DEFINITELY helps me not only with severe pain, but also other medical conditions like terrible anxiety which requires me to be on another prescription medication which is Valium. When I vape or eat an edible, I do not feel the need for ether an opiate or tranquilizer. My goal is to be titrated off both oxycontin and valium through use of MMJ under watchful eyes of 3 Drs....Pain Dr, Psychiatrist & Cannabis Dr. So first confusing thought/question. . I am told high end bud like the sour diesel I vape and use in edibles and other strains of that nature are between 17 to 21% THC. My Cannabis Dr said that for my conditions, she recommends the cannabis with highest THC levels. She worked in CA for 10 years and said she got hundreds if not thousands off people off heavy pain meds like oxycontin using MMJ as the replacement medication so she knows first hand it works. I have never lost a friend to Marijuana, but I have lost at least 5 friends opiate overdoses. If cannabis can really get me off opiates, I will be so grateful because opiates suck in every way possible: addicting, develop tolerance quickly, if you are a fan of hemorrhoids, opiates will back you up big time, loss of libido, bad your depression, etc.

    So the confusion lies in the fact that the two dispensaries I am looking to go to ( I have an appt at 6:00 PM today for Vireo health care. Home - Vireo Health New York ) who claim on their siter, that their oil is 19%. TCH. So I do not understand why the Medical Dr who wrote my prescription said she will prescribe the highest THC level products (red label) which is what she does for sever chromic pain patients which makes complete sense. What makes no sense is if the bud I am vaping is 19% THC compared to CBDs, why did she keep stressing the importance about being careful with oil because it is so much more potent than bud when she knew I was genuinely honest about vaping and eating sour diesel . I get that she has to make sure all patients are aware of that, but am I missing something? If they are both at same THC level, how can oil get me higher that vaping bud? I must be missing some basic concept.

    Question 2. NY Dispensaries offer their products in 3 forms. Vaping oil, tinctures and THC capsules. Something about THC capsules turn me off, so my guess it will be a combination of vaping oil and ingesting tinctures. My second question of confusion is a tincture similiar to a body high because there is nothing I enjoy more that talso relives pain the best as using my AVP to make edibles. So I am trying to understand how tinctures compares to edibles for anyone on this site who may have experience with both methods.

    Final and last confusing question is that Vireos website says to wait 3 hours before taking second tincyure dose. I totally get that logic because I ate 3 grams of hign end MMJ bars in CA because after a full hour I did not feel a thing, of course, I ate another gram of medical chocolate. Same on hour later because it do not hit me yet. But when it did, I was stoned for 24 hrs straight. I read online tonight that tinctures can take take from 3 minutes to 20 minutes to kick in, So why the 3 hour wait on tinctures and are tinctures closer to a body high like eating edibles because that gives me most pain relief.

    I have to go now and I want to personally thank each and everyone of you in advance for reading this lengthy post and even more importantly, helping me make sense of the two main questions i had asked. Trust me on this one. Good Karma and good energy are two traits that we all should possess. So I applaud anyone who takes any time to answer either or both questions.. You are a class act.

  2. 1. An oil may be made with weed that is 19% THC, but it isn't 19% THC. Oils are a concentrate, so it's a much higher %. They basically took a large amount of plant matter and turned it into a tiny amount of oil for you to vape. It sounds like the doctor was just warning you not to accidentally over do it.
    2. It sounds like the 3 hours thing is just a time limit they chose to wait for people who have no idea how long it takes their bodies to metabolize edibles. It sounds like you do have an idea of how much time your body needs.

    Opiates and other prescription drugs have strict rules to keep people from OD'ing or otherwise harming themselves and misusing it. So you may be stuck in that 'hard and fast' rules thinking. With weed, it's really more guidelines than anything else. If you OD on an opiate, you die. If you OD on weed, you take a nap. It sounds like everything you're being told/reading right now is just the stuff to keep in mind and think about while you're learning what your tolerance is and what's going to work for your body.
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  3. Thanks for the reply. I hope this helps other people on this forum as well.
  4. The liver converts Thc into 11 hydroxy thc which is way stronger than thc. Thats why many people overdose when doing edibles. I personally stay away from ingesting decarboxylated cannabis. I'll eat raw or dried cannabis straight though. It contains the cannabinoids that are naturally found in the plant. As a medical cannabis patient, I personally would recommend a strain that's high in cbd. Not sure why the Dr is recommending only high THC. I would definitely give cbd a shot. It also helps you feel more relaxed and less stoned.
  5. Welcome to the forums, there are areas here that are specific to medicinal MJ use you would get more input there. Good luck.

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