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  1. I am fairly new to smoking, but I have been smoking weed everyday for a few months. But I am currently training for a crossfit competition and smoking often is taking a toll on my lungs. Is there any way to buy a vape and turn my weed into some sort of oil so I can vape and still get high. Again I have no knowledge on this subject so be gentle. Thanks guys.
  2. Just buy an herb vaporizor. Grind up your herb, load it, and enjoy. No extraction necessary.

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  3. there's vapes all around the market for this. i suggest going to a herb friendly smoke shop and asking how to work one or go on youtube.
  4. I found one online called a vape pen for dry herb, would that be what you're talking about? Thanks
  5. Make sure you buy an actual VAPORIZER. Some places sell vape pens (Atmos in specific), and they combust, not vaporize. Examples of true dry herb vaporizers are: Arizers, Pax, Magic Flight Launch Box, etc.

    Try to avoid knockoffs. My friend bought a knockoff Pax, and he says it works really well for him. Good for him, but most of them don't work as well as the real deal.
  6. Definitely not a generic pen! They don't vaporize at all, only burn. I would suggest either a magic flight launch box or a pax.

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  7. I will rep the Pax.
    .05g/a little kief and I get to an easy 7
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