I Am Cannabian- get the shirt!

Discussion in 'General' started by Debaser, Aug 16, 2002.

  1. Normally I don't shill for other people, but this guy is on to something here! Back in May I bought a shirt at the Marijuana March, based on the now famous "rant" from the Molson Canadian ad campaign. The shirts look great, and simply wearing it is making a statement and educating people. Take a look for yourself!


    The text on the back of the shirts reads like so:
    I am not a burnout or a loser,
    I don't shoot heroin, and I don't own a crack pipe.
    I am a person who prefers marijuana over alcohol.
    I am your friend, your relative, or someone you work with.

    I believe in scientific research, not propaganda and hysteria.
    I believe in the concept of no victim, no crime.
    I believe in tolerance, not a U.S. style drug war;
    I believe in harm reduction, not people destruction.

    Cannabis is not addictive, not a gateway drug,
    and no one has ever died from smoking it.
    It's much less harmful than either alcohol or tobacco.
    The real harm to a person is caused by the laws against it.

    It's time to legalize marijuana and end the hypocrisy,
    It's time to stop wasting taxpayer money and police resources.
    It's time for the government to listen to public opinion.
    It's time for all pot smokers to speak out and proudly declare...


    If you'd like a shirt for yourself, you can get it here.

    Otherwise, take a look at the FrankDiscussion website, it's still pretty new, but it's a great looking site already!

  2. oh thats sweet, thats a shirt i could wear in front of my mom and she probably wouldn't mind after reading whut its about. I am so out of cash though, and i thought the shirt would be cheaper, if i was selling clothing to potheads i'd keep it cheap as i could so they could still have money for weed. It probably only cost the guy like $3 to make. If i get a pot related shirt it will be a NORML one first.
  3. guarunteed to get you searched up to 50% more often! :D

    ..and what if i am a burnout?

    *hits the spoon, again
  4. bad ass shirt, ill take one off your hands for free :p
  5. that is the greatest shirt ever, u go man!!!!!!!
  6. nice shirt, nice message it gives across, i wish i had $ for a shirt, coz i'd wear it!
  7. I'd wear it, too.

    I love t-shirts.

    I love t-shirts that are educational for the all the stupid people.

    I would take extra long at the grocery store just to make sure everybody got a dose of it whether they liked it or not. Yeah, I wouldn't mind having it.
  8. heehee LOL grammas in line, freaking out over the shirt. "oh my lord"
    RMJL i love you :) yer da best!
  9. I want it!
  10. If i can get my mom to buy one i'll wear it almost nonstop and wear it ontop.

    hehe. cannadian? no. cannabian!

  11. Ganja girl, I love you, too. We dorks have to stick together, you know!!!!!

    Yeah, Gramma's in line.... pulling out their little old lady specs to read the "fine print"....That's funny, Ganjaphish. I was thinking more along the line of pushing my buggy really slow in front of soccer moms and people like that.
  12. lol sockermoms?!?!? i havent heard abotu them for a while....I remember the good ol' days of little league when i'd get on the field and be confused and not no how to play the game....sorry if this dont make sense.....ehhhhh..*scratches head*......hmmmmmmm, damn i wish i could just switch my calendar 3 years in advance so i'd be in amsterdam right now at the cannabis cup.hehehehehel.....shhhrooooms are good becuz they are makein me allk actin all shroomey ya know? damn who am i talkin to? someone talk to me! im seein people like in a video game on my computer screen and they're not really there.....you see that weird little sign at the top of the screen net to grasscity.com?......all the shapes and triangle thingies are twirling and making noise....pretty damn trippy....i think my tyyaping abiltity is goin away so i'll see ya'll later immgonna go pass oiut in the bathtub or else go to sleep on the floor with my animals....peace!.....................

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